Premium MS-Rod 12mm Handpump Accessory for SDWP - INDIA MARK II | High Durability & Extensive Reach Extension

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MS-ROD 12mm Handpump Accessory for SDWP India Mark II Model

This handpump accessory, specifically designed for the Standard well hand-pump – India Mark II model, promises durability with its 12mm diameter rods made from mild steel.

  • Compliance: Adheres to Bureau of Indian Standards, ensuring high reliability and sustained performance.
  • Appropriate for Depths: Designed for installation depths up to 45m.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Electroplating and passivation techniques used to counter corrosion.
  • Threaded Ends – M12: Offers ease of installation and improved connection strength with threaded rod ends.
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The MS-ROD 12mm Handpump Accessory for SDWP - INDIA MARK II is an extremely durable support and length extension for deep well handpumps. Constructed from top-of-the-line mild steel, these rods ensure rigidity and long-lasting resilience. These exceptional components serve as the perfect complement or replacement parts to your Standard Deep Well Pump (SDWP).

Our rods comply with the up-to-the-minute specifications set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. This assures end users that our products are primed for phenomenal performance, no matter how challenging the drilling conditions may get.

Key Features:

  • 12mm diameter x 3 meters length connecting rod—ideal for a variety of drilling needs.
  • Fit for total installation depth ranges that reach up to 45 meters—a sturdy build that's designed to withstand extensive usage.
  • Electroplated and passivated in accordance with IS 9301/IS 15500:2004 standards—engineering at its finest, guaranteeing top-tier resistance and longevity.
  • Convenient assembly with M12 threaded ends and included couplers—take the hassle out of setup. Prepping your handpump has never been easier.
  • Available in both sea and air shipment packaging—meaning you can select the shipping method that best fits your needs.


These rods were specially designed for compatibility with the SDWP Handpump, INDIA MARK II type. Each 12mm MS-ROD can serve as an incredible extension set for your already existing device, with each rod extending your reach by up to 3 meters. Adhering to IS 15500:2004 norms, these rods promise standard quality for all deep well drilling applications. They are ideal for both new installations and existing setups.


We offer both sea and air shipping options, providing a strong wooden crate packing for sea shipments, and sturdy corrugated cardboard packaging for air ones. Our specialised packaging ensures your product reaches you safely, regardless of the destination.

If your project calls for additional equipment, you'll be pleased to know that these rods perfectly pair with various pump styles and GI-pipes. It's an unbeatable choice for those who require compatibility with a plethora of existing apparatuses.

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