Durable & Corrosion-resistant Handpump Riser Pipes for INDIA MKII & MKIII

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Introducing Corrosion-resistant & Durable Handpump Riser Pipes for INDIA MKII & MKIII — constructed for optimal pump performance and extended lifespan. Manufactured meticulously with top-grade materials like UPVC and Stainless Steel, these Riser Pipes are specifically designed for INDIA MKII & MKIII hand pumps. They prevent contamination with an excellent corrosion-resistant property. Installation and maintenance are uncomplicated. Provided in various sizes and alternatives to meet your requirements. Ideal for applications in water supply systems, hand pump installations, and community water projects; proves extremely beneficial in rural and remote areas.

  • Specifically crafted for INDIA MKII & MKIII hand pumps.
  • Different sizes and editions according to your necessity.
  • Made with superior materials such as UPVC and Stainless Steel for durability.
  • Perfect for multiple uses including water supply systems, hand pump setup, and community water projects.
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Premium Handpump Riser Pipes for INDIA MKII & MKIII – Braving Extremes with Unparalleled Durability

Our exclusive Handpump Riser Pipes are built to endure the test of time. Specifically engineered for INDIA MKII & MKIII hand pumps, they withstand extreme conditions while maintaining their structure and functionality. These robust pipes optimize reliability, adding efficiency to your water extraction applications.

Unmatсhed Strength & Resistance

Our riser pipes boast superior corrosion resistance due to the top-grade materials used in their construction. The high-quality UPVC and Stainless Steel ensure longevity even under harsh environments and strenuous usage. These materials enhance the pipe's resistance, providing you with a product that lasts.

Versatile Application

Serving a broad spectrum of hand pumps, our riser pipes are suitable for various models including SDWP, EDWP, VLOM-50 and VLOM-65 (INDIA MARK II Deep Well, INDIA MARK II Extra Deep Well, INDIA MARK III-50mm or INDIA MARK III-65mm).

Customized Dimensions

Fulfilling your specific needs, we offer assorted sizes across each type of riser. Our UPVC riser pipes are available in diameters of 40mm, 50mm and 65mm, each with a generous length of 3 meters. We also offer UPVC pipes with Stainless Steel couplings in 50mm and 65mm diameters. Our all Stainless Steel type with a welded SS socket comes in 34mm and 36mm inner diameters, with lengths ranging from 0.5, 1 and 3 meters.

Secure Packaging & Shipping

Your investment is protected with our meticulous packaging. Our riser pipes are securely packaged and labeled following IS 15500:2004 guidelines. For sea shipments, we pack the pipes in wooden crates secured with steel straps and further protected with HDPE sheets. Air shipments receive the same care, packed in corrugated cardboard, jute/plastic laminated sheets and steel straps, then overlaid with HDPE sheets to ensure their safe arrival.

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Our product range includes compatible Handpumps, SDWP, EDWP, and VLOM-50/65 (INDIA MARK-II & III); hand in hand with our riser pipes, you have a comprehensive water extraction solution.

Experience the perfect blend of long-lasting efficacy with our Handpump Riser Pipes, designed for INDIA MKII & MKIII hand pumps. Invest in durability and efficiency; invest in our Handpump Riser Pipes.

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