Bureau Compliant Versatile Tool-Kit for SDWP, EDWP, and India Mark II Hand Pumps

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Offering a Bureau Compliant Versatile Tool-Kit designed for installation and maintenance of Standard Deep Well Pumps (SDWP), Extra Deep Well Pumps (EDWP), and India Mark II hand pumps. The kit includes:

  • Connecting rod vice: Ensures secure rod connections.
  • Axle punch: Helps in axle maintenance.
  • Chain coupler tool: Simplifies coupler installation.
  • Crank spanner: Assists in crankshaft security.
  • Bearing press tool: Facilitates effortless bearing installation.

Comes with a sturdy toolbox and conforms to both IS 15500:2004 Part 8 and RWSN-SKAT Revision 2-2007 guidelines. Ideal to pair with our SDWP and EDWP Hand Pump offerings for a well-rounded solution.

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Fulfill all your hand pump maintenance needs with the Bureau Compliant Versatile Tool-Kit for Standard Deep Well Pumps (SDWP), Extra Deep Well Pumps (EDWP), and India Mark II Hand Pumps. This expertly designed toolkit comes with every piece you need to care for these pumps effortlessly, increasing their operation efficiency and longevity. Here's why this tool-kit is the best fit for your needs:
  • A Complete Package: The kit comprises of various essential tools including a connecting rod vice, axle punch, chain coupler supporting tool, and a robust crank spanner, offering everything required for routine servicing and unexpected repairs.
  • Adherence to Standards: All the tools are compliant with Bureau of Indian Standards 15500 (Part 8):2004 and RWSN-SKAT Revision 2-2007, a guarantee of their durability, reliability, and robust performance.
  • Convenience Oriented: The accompanying tool box keeps your tools organized and safe, simplifying transport and storage.
  • Efficient Maintenance: The kit also includes specialized tools that simplify pump maintenance, like connecting rod lifters, bearing pressing tools, rod coupler spanners, water tank lifters and pipe lifting spanners.
  • Compatibility: Each tool is specifically designed for compatibility with India Mark II, SDWP, and EDWP hand pumps, ensuring your operations are smooth, efficient and hassle-free.
  • Quality Assurance: The tools are made to high standards to withstand heavy use, promising a long lifespan. Plus, each product we ship is packed following the guidelines laid out in Annex C, Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004, arriving ready for immediate use.
Boost your SDWP, EDWP, and India Mark II hand pump performance by harnessing the power and utility offered by this Bureau Compliant Versatile Tool-Kit.
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