EDWP INDIA MARK II Hand Pump - Efficient Deep Well Water Extraction Solution

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Extra Deep Well Pump (EDWP) INDIA MARK II Hand Pump: Optimised Water Extraction

Maximize your water extraction efficiency with the EDWP INDIA MARK II Hand Pump, engendered with global standards.

  • Flexible: Equipped with parts adaptable to your unique needs.
  • Long-lasting: Built with premium materials for sustained functionality.
  • User-friendly: Includes in-depth instructions and tools for easy assembly and maintenance.

For a seamless and optimized deep-well water extraction process, choose our EDWP INDIA MARK II Hand Pump.

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Extra Deep Well Pump (EDWP) INDIA MARK II Hand Pump: Optimised Water Extraction

The EDWP INDIA MARK II Hand Pump is a superior industry solution designed to maximise water extraction from deep wells. This durable and high-performance hand pump, constructed in line with Bureau of Indian Standards IS: 15500-2004 and SKAT/RWSN Revision 2-2007, is made to meet the diverse requirements of challenging environments.

  • Engineered in accordance with international specifications, ensuring high performance and extended durability.
  • Efficient design minimises user effort while maximising water extraction, making it perfect for prolonged use.
  • Constructed with a hot-dip galvanized pump assembly (ISO 1461) offering robust anti-corrosion protection for enduring use.
  • Quality Nitrile Rubber (ISO 3302-1 M2) seating provides unparalleled sealing performance.
  • Enriched with highly durable Copper-zinc alloy parts for enhanced durability and increased lifespan.
  • Customisable parts tailored to meet specific operational needs, making it a scalable solution for different applications.
  • A comprehensive installation and maintenance tool list for hassle-free setup and smooth servicing.

Providing compliance with stringent quality norms, the EDWP INDIA MARK II Hand Pump is a perfect amalgamation of quality materials and advanced engineering to deliver a smooth user experience. This highly adapted pump is suitable for agriculture, horticulture, and domestic purposes, meeting all your requirements perfectly. Please refer to the product's specifications sheet for any clarification.

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