EDWP INDIA MK II Variant 2 – Extra Deep Well Hand Pump Solution

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The EDWP INDIA MK II Variant 2: Extra Deep Well Hand Pump offers a reliable solution for water needs in rural and developing regions. It is well-suited for wells with cylinder installation depth ranging from 40 to 90 meters and complies with the Bureau of Indian Standards, ensuring durability.

  • Versatile Components: Includes handle, tank, standard stand (normal or telescopic), cylinder, riser pipes, and rods in various materials.
  • Comprehensive Package: The kit is supplied with an assembly head, water tank, third plate, stand, cylinder assembly, riser pipes, connecting rods, spare parts, and a manual.
  • Guidelines Provided: A detailed manual provided for installation and maintenance.
  • Note: Not suitable for corrosive water and specific stand advised based on bore well diameter.
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    EDWP INDIA MK II Variant 2 - A Pioneering Solution for Extra Deep Well Hand Pumps

    Presenting the EDWP INDIA MK II Variant 2, an extra deep well hand pump solution meticulously developed to function at depths of 48 to 90 meters. Flexible and customizable, this system is designed to cater specifically to your water pumping needs.

    Built for Rigor, Crafted for Performance

    The EDWP INDIA MARK II Extra Deepwell hand pump adheres to the demanding standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards, IS:15500-2004. The product package covers a head assembly, handle, water tank, and an EDWP standard stand, available in either a standard or telescopic variant.

    Whether you prefer PVC, stainless steel, or other material options for the cylinder and riser pipes, or stainless steel/connecting rods - make your choice and customize the product to fit your specifications.

    Go Deeper with Confidence

    With the ability to function at cylinder installation depths between 40 and 90 meters, this hand pump is a powerful solution for extra deep wells. Customize the number of riser pipes and connecting rods as per your requirement and attain optimized performance. Balancing convenience and functionality, the handle of the pump can be fitted with weights for comfortable pumping from extensive depths.

    Simplified Maintenance, Superior Functionality

    The INDIA MK II Extra Deepwell hand pump ensures easy upkeep with an inclusive spare part kit designed for two years of standard operation and a comprehensive installation and maintenance guide. This kit is engineered to enable your pump to operate at peak efficiency throughout its lifespan.

    Key Product Specifications:

    • Deep well suitability with installation depth capacity between 40 to 90 meters
    • Material options for durability: PVC, stainless steel, and others available as per choice
    • Telescopic or standard stands available
    • Pump handle can be fitted with weights as per requirement
    • Number of riser pipes and connecting rods can be customized
    • Comprehends Bureau of Indian Standards, IS:15500-2004


    For corrosive water conditions, it is advisable to use alternatives like stainless steel or other resistant pump types like the AFRIDEV or VLOM-50 PVC.

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