AFRIDEV Hand Pump Installation Tool-Kit: Your Complete Kit for Efficient Groundwater Pumping

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The AFRIDEV Hand Pump Installation Tool-Kit ensures exceptional efficacy in the setup and servicing of AFRIDEV deep well hand pumps. Customizable, it confirms to Bureau of Indian Standards 15500 and SKAT-RWSN Specifications. The tool-kit includes Spanner assembly M16, Socket Spanner, Resting tool assembly, and more, providing adaptability for specific needs.

  • Compliance with Indian standards and SKAT-RWSN rules.
  • Flexible configuration for specific needs.
  • Essential installation tools included for efficient groundwork pumping.
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AFRIDEV Hand Pump Installation Tool-Kit: Your Comprehensive Solution for Efficient Groundwater Pumping

Gain advantage in groundwater pumping with our AFRIDEV Hand Pump Installation Tool-Kit, an embodiment of reliability and efficiency. This package harbors a variety of tools that cover all your AFRIDEV deep well hand pump installation and maintenance needs.

The AFRIDEV Hand Pump Installation Tool-Kit complies with the Bureau of Indian Standards 15500(Part8):2004, Annex D, and SKAT-RWSN Specifications Rev. 5:2007, a testament to its safety, resilience, and productive functionalities.

Your exclusive requirements for the installation and maintenance of deep well hand pumps can be met with a customizable package. Make a selection of the correct tools as per your unique needs.

Tool Kit Contents

  • Socket Spanner
  • Open-ended spanner
  • Spanner assembly M16
  • Spanner M12 with new ISO Standard
  • Spanner M10 with new ISO Standard
  • Resting tool assembly
  • Rod tool assembly

Our meticulous packaging practices ensure that you receive your order in an intact condition. This is guaranteed by our strict adherence to the packaging procedures expounded in Annex C, Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004.

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