Standard Spare Parts Kit for AFRIDEV Hand Pumps - Ultimate Maintenance Solution

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AFRIDEV Hand Pumps Standard Spare Parts Kit – Comprehensive Maintenance Solution guarantees hassle-free operation and extended lifespan of your AFRIDEV Hand Pumps. This kit complies with the latest RWSN-SKAT 5 u2013 2007 standards and is equipped with:

  • 8 Bush Bearing sets (inner & outer included)
  • 4 ‘O’ Ring sets
  • 4 sets of Nitrile buckets/U-seals
  • 4 sets of bobbins
  • 1 bundle of Nylon rope (6mm diameter, 100m length)
  • 1 set of Rod centralizers

Conforming to IS 15500:2004 Annex C, Clause 12.1, the kit is suitable for both routine maintenance and critical repairs. An ideal companion to the full AFRIDEV Hand Pump packages.

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Superior Standard Spare Parts Kit for AFRIDEV Hand Pumps - A Comprehensive Maintenance Solution

Maintaining your AFRIDEV hand pumps has never been easier with our Standard Spare Parts Kit. This comprehensive package will ensure the optimal performance, compatibility, and longevity of your hand pumps. Designed to meet every industry standard, our kit offers unmatched convenience and superior quality.

Premium Quality Components

This kit is meticulously composed of:

  • Eight sets of Bush Bearing (inner & outer) for exceptional stability and frictionless operation.
  • Four sets of 'O'ring for providing robust and reliable sealing capabilities.
  • Four sets of Nitrile bucket/U-seal offering optimized suction, flexibility, and resilience.
  • Four sets of Bobbin designed to mitigate mechanical vibrations and extend lifespan.
  • A bundle of Nylon rope (6 mm diameter, 100 meters length) for high strength applications.
  • One set of Rod centralizers tensioned for precise alignment and to prevent component wear.

Customizable and High Compatibility

Our spare parts kit is fully aligns with the components of the complete AFRIDEV Hand Pump Packages. Its customizable nature allows it to resonate well with your unique needs, ensuring efficient integration and seamless operation.

Safeguarded Packaging

Our packaging strictly maintains the standards of Annex C, Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004. This gives you the surety of safe transportation and secure storage.

Strong Compliance with Standards

Our kit strongly adheres to the specifications of RWSN-SKAT Revision 5 - 2007. This affirms durability, superior performance and, most importantly, ultimate peace of mind for you.

Upgrade your maintenance work by ordering the Standard Spare Parts Kit for AFRIDEV Hand Pumps. Experience the best of convenience and quality today!

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