High-Performance Stainless Steel Connecting Rods for Handpumps

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High-Performance Stainless Steel Connecting Rods for Handpumps

Boost your handpump efficiency with robust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel connecting rods. Main features include:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel for excellent durability.
  • Measures 10.8mm diameter, with a 3m length for extensive reach.
  • Features M12 connectors for a secure fitting and hassle-free setup.
  • Efficient operation at depths up to 45 meters.
  • Validates with IS: 15500-2004 and SKAT-RWSN standards.

Orders consist of a centraliser and a safely packaged rod to ensure secure transport.

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Discover Unsurpassed Efficiency with High-Performance Stainless Steel Connecting Rods for Handpumps

Improve and modernize your water systems with our premium Stainless Steel Connecting Rods specifically designed for AFRIDEV and SDWP MKII compatible handpumps. Imbued with optimum efficiency, these nordic-quality stainless steel rods are created to function relentlessly under demanding conditions and ensure a consistent water supply with significantly enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.

Made with superior AISI 304 grade stainless steel, these connecting rods offer phenomenal performance and longevity. The hardness of the stainless steel material reinforces the rods, making them perfect replacements or extensions for your current handpump systems. Designed to withstand wear and tear, retain strength and efficiency, each rod epitomizes balanced engineering between strength, reach, and effective operation.

  • Built from strong AISI 304 grade stainless steel, our rods showcase excellent durability and resistance to corrosion ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Each rod has a dia of 10.8mm, stretching to a length of 3 meters, which provides sufficient reach for operations in deep wells.
  • M12 connections incorporated in the rods facilitate a seamless installation process and provide a secure fit eliminating the chances of leakages.
  • Exceptionally engineered to function effectively to an impressive depth up to 45 meters.
  • Our products adhere to high global standards, certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (IS: 15500-2004) and endorsed as per SKAT-RWSN specifications (Afridev Rev. 5-2007 & India Mark Rev.2 - 2007).

To ensure the absolute product quality is delivered, each rod is carefully packaged with a complimentary centralizer. Upgrade your operational efficiency, by specifying the number of connecting rods needed at the time of placing your order. Experience the first-hand difference in quality that our stainless steel connecting rods will bring to your water systems.

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