AFRIDEV Handpump Fishing Tool Assemblies | Comprehensive Handpump Repair Solution | Extended Handpump Lifespan

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Introducing the quality-oriented AFRIDEV Handpump Fishing Tool Assemblies in line with SKAT-RWSN Specifications Rev. 5:2007. Crafted for optimal functionality in repairing disconnected riser pipes and damaged rods. Key highlights include:

  • Collet Assembly (B2435): Ensures optimum grip and precision.
  • Locating Ring (C2434): Aids in precise placement and alignment.
  • Housing Assembly (B2431): Provides sturdy shell ensuring product longevity.

Product is efficiently packed following IS 15500:2004 standards. Enhance your repair operations with our AFRIDEV Hand Pump packages (S0009188 to S0009194) available separately.

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AFRIDEV Handpump Fishing Tool Assemblies - Optimal Solution for Handpump Repairs

The AFRIDEV Handpump Fishing Tool Assemblies are engineered for the proficient fixing of disconnected or broken riser pipes and impaired rods, perfect for fulfilling the robust needs of maintaining your handpump systems. These tool assemblies ensure a longer lifespan for your handpump systems by preventing frequent breakdowns and ensuring efficient water extraction.

Each Fishing Tool Assembly Kit is equipped with two sets of expert tools for handling unique repair situations:

  • Ref.A430 tools for disconnected or fractured riser pipes
  • Ref. 2437 tools for damaged rods

The kit constitutes a wide array of supreme quality components that form a comprehensive and complete repair solution:

  • Collet Assembly - Ref. B2435 for a firm and secure grip
  • Locating Ring - Ref. C2434 for precise placement
  • Housing Assembly - Ref. B2431 to efficiently contain the system
  • Hexagonal Coupler - Ref. C1012 for fastening
  • Durable rod - Ref. C2425
  • Securing Pin - Ref. C1134
  • Supporting Brackets - Ref. C2429
  • Steel Ball - Ref. C1134 for smooth system functionality
  • Fishing Conus - Ref. C2425 for efficient retrieval

The packaging of each AFRIDEV Handpump Fishing Tool Assembly adheres to the rigid standards of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004 to guarantee secure product delivery.

Key features and benefits of the AFRIDEV Handpump Fishing Tool assemblies are:

  • Precision engineered for the repair of disconnected riser pipes and damaged rods
  • Compliance with the rigorous SKAT-RWSN Specifications Rev. 5:2007
  • Specialised assembly sets for diverse requirements
  • Comprehensive kit with all necessary components
  • Optimal packaging adhering to Part 1 of IS 15500:2004 standards

To enhance your handpump repair system further, other AFRIDEV Hand Pump packages are available under product codes S0009188 to S0009194.

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