AFRIDEV Handpump - Variant 4: Efficient Deep Well Water Extraction | Reliable Water Supply Solution

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AFRIDEV Handpump – Variant 4 Package | Deep Well Water Extraction Solution

This high-quality, durable handpump is specially engineered for deep well water extraction. With the capacity for installation depths up to 30 meters, it provides a consistent and reliable water supply.

  • Contents: Package includes essential UPVC cylinder, UPVC riser pipes, and FRP pump rods.
  • Quality: Complies with the resilient SKAT-RWSN Specifications Rev. 5:2007 for enhanced performance and durability.
  • Maintenance: Accessories and replacements parts are easily available for timely maintenance and repair.
  • Specifications: The AFRIDEV Handpump weighs 126 kg with a volume of 0.25 m^3.
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AFRIDEV Handpump - Variant 4 Package | Deep Well Water Extraction Solution

Rewriting the story of rural water supply with the AFRIDEV Handpump - Variant 4 Package. Expertly designed for deep wells, this handpump offers an extremely efficient solution to access clean water, even at remarkable depths of 30 meters. Strength, durability and longevity are at the core of this remarkable product designed for rural or remote water supply needs.

Key Features and Benefits of AFRIDEV Handpump

  • Robust UPVC cylinder, riser pipes and FRP pump rods ensure durable and reliable water extraction performance.
  • Pump rods made of FRP with SS couplers further enhance strength and longevity.
  • Confidence in quality with adherence to SKAT-RWSN Specifications Rev. 5:2007.
  • Comes with head, handle, steel cone assembly, and a unique three-legged pump stand for ease of use and stability.
  • Easily installable thanks to the fitted cylinder assembly, fishing tool assembly, and riser pipes.
  • Easy maintenance and repairs with availability of accessories and separate spare parts for purchase.
  • Ideal for deep water extraction with an assembled product weight of approximately 126 kg and a volume of about 0.25 m3.

A Reliable Solution for Clean Water Access

The AFRIDEV Handpump - Variant 4 Package guarantees reliable, efficient, and hassle-free access to clean water. The tailored solution will perfectly suit your specific needs. With numerous material numbers and package variants available, the AFRIDEV handpump provides a new standard for deep well water extraction. Say goodbye to substandard water supply systems. Choose reliability with the AFRIDEV Handpump.

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