AFRIDEV Handpump, Variant 3 Package, 30m - Long-Lasting & Powerful Water Pumping Solution

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Introducing the dependable AFRIDEV Handpump Variant 3 Package, tailored for depths up to 30m. Built with resilient materials, it guarantees durability and uninterrupted service. Key features include:

  • Durable UPVC and SS components: Ensuring longevity and optimal productivity.
  • Leak-free pump stand and plunger: Efficient utilization of Plastic-forged equipment.
  • Effective pump head assembly: Streamlined water pumping process.
  • Stable cone assembly: Stability ensured by a steel cone compression mechanism.
  • Deep-Installation ready rod and pipe assembly: Inclusive of uPVC riser pipes and SS pump rods for depths up to 30m.
  • Included Accessories: Complementing the comprehensive, reliable pumping solution.

Invest in the AFRIDEV Handpump Package for a reliable, cost-effective solution.

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Highly Efficient AFRIDEV Handpump – Your Robust Water Pumping Solution Designed to Last for Years

Introducing the AFRIDEV Handpump, Variant 3 Package, a product of African Development's continuously refined design and engineering excellence. This complete, high-performing deep well water pumping solution is specifically tailored for depth installations up to 30 meters. Offering consistent and powerful water supply, it stands tall as a reliable solution to all your water extraction needs.

High-Quality Features and Components:

  • AFRIDEV Handpump, a symbol of quality and reliability across Africa.
  • Designed and engineered for accurate water extraction from depths of up to 30 meters.
  • Featuring a highly durable UPVC cylinder ensuring years of pumping service.
  • Includes efficient UPVC riser pipes optimized for smooth water flow.
  • Incorporated with corrosion-resistant stainless steel pump rods for extended pump life.

Intuitive Design and Specifications:

  • A manageable weight of approximately 120 kg, guaranteeing robust operation.
  • With an effective extraction volume of 0.7 m3, this pump promises effective water extraction.

A Comprehensive Pumping Solution:

The Handpump comes in a standard packaging that is designed to withstand the rigours of transportation, along with detailed instructional manuals ensuring its wide range of applications. Specifically designed for depth installations of 30 meters in mind, it is a definitive solution for all your deep well water pumping requirements.

Sustained, Clean Water Supply:

The AFRIDEV Handpump, Variant 3 offers a continuous water supply for wells up to 30 meters deep. With firm UPVC cylinders, riser pipes and stainless-steel pump rods, this handpump is built to last, providing a long-term solution for your water supply needs.

What is Included:

The AFRIDEV handpump package equips you with everything needed for a successful operation. Expect remarkable performance, incredible durability and long-term peace of mind.

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