Afridev Hand Pump Variant 1 Package for 30M Installation Depth - A Durable & Efficient Water Pumping Solution

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Introducing the Afridev Hand Pump Variant 1 Package, designed for 30m installation depth.

  • This comprehensive hand pump package is ideal for efficient water extraction from deep wells.
  • Made with a premium UPVC cylinder with brass lining to ensure durability. It also includes a brass plunger and a plastic foot valve.
  • The package consists of 30m UPVC riser pipes with bell ends and 30m SS pump rods with threaded couplers.
  • Included in the package are a support rope bundle and different sizes of spanners for easy setup and maintenance.
  • The set comes with spare parts, cleaning solutions, and a comprehensive guide for installation and maintenance.
  • Opt for this product for a dependable and long-lasting water pump solution.
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The Afridev Hand Pump Variant 1 Package for 30M Installation Depth is a reliable and durable solution for your water pumping needs. This pump package is designed to extract water efficiently from water sources up to 30 metres deep.

This well-crafted package includes a range of vital components that contribute to the robust functionality of the pump. Key among these are a UPVC cylinder, UPVC riser pipes, and SS pump rods, which together, lend strength and enhance the operational efficiency of the pump.

Key Features:

  • Head Assembly: Comes fitted with a 300mm spout, which also includes a handle, a steel cone, and a compression cone for unbeatable performance.
  • Pump Stand: Package includes a solid pump stand fitted with a bottom flange for stable positioning during operation.
  • UPVC Cylinder: Cylinder boasts a brass lining, a brass plunger, and a plastic foot valve for long-lasting and efficient operation.
  • Riser Pipes and Pump Rods: The package is equipped with 30m UPVC riser pipes and 30m SS pump rods with threaded couplers. These components lend to the powerful functionality of the pump.

Additional Components:

Apart from these, the package also houses a bevy of supplementary tools such as a support rope, multiple spanners in various sizes, a family-sized spare parts kit for two years of operation, two each of solvent cement and cleaning fluid, an installation and maintenance manual, and a maintenance card.

Each part of the Afridev Hand Pump Variant 1 Package for 30M Installation Depth has been carefully picked to provide a lasting water pumping solution. Whether you need a dependable water source for agricultural activities, domestic use or for any other operation that necessitates efficient water pumping, this package is an optimal choice. Invest in the Afridev Hand Pump Variant 1 Package today and experience its standout performance and superior quality.

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