AFRIDEV Hand Pump Package for 30m Well - Your Dependable and Efficient Water Pumping Solution

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AFRIDEV Well Hand Pump Package for 30m – An optimal water solution for deep wells. The package includes:

  • UPVC cylinder, UPVC riser pipes, and stainless steel pump rods, specifically engineered for a 30-meter installation depth.
  • SKAT-RWSN Specifications Rev. 5:2007 compliant, delivering reliable and efficient performance.
  • Versatility for domestic, agricultural, and community water supply.
  • Provision of a fishing tool assembly and a spare parts kit for effortless maintenance and operation.

A trustworthy and effective solution for your water pumping needs.

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Introducing the AFRIDEV Hand Pump Package for a 30m Well, your complete solution designed to provide reliable and efficient water pumping. Our product is compliant with SKAT-RWSN Specifications Rev. 5:2007, and accompanied by a robust combination of a UPVC cylinder, UPVC riser pipes, and stainless steel pump rods, capable of reaching operational depths of up to 30 meters. The hand pump package is painstakingly designed to handle corrosive water conditions and general applications with proficiency.

  • Durability and Resilience: Our top-quality hand pump is built with premium-grade UPVC and stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and resistance against harsh and aggressive water conditions.
  • Comprehensive Pack: Our complete hand well pump package includes a head with a handle, a steel cone assembly, a compression cone, besides a sturdy, three-legged pump stand.
  • Outstanding Efficacy: The package provides 30 meters of UPVC Rising main (riser pipes) and SS pump rods, accompanied by a fishing tool assembly and a spare parts kit; ensuring two years of seamless operation.
  • Expert Guidance: We provide a detailed installation manual and a maintenance card to ensure smooth operation of your hand pump. Hence, this complete information provided leads to an effortless pump operation.
  • Versatility Accommodated: Our package can be used for well depths ranging from 10m to 45m, making it an ideal installation for 30m depth wells. It boasts impressive versatility across a range of well sizes.
  • Customization: Our pump package caters to your specific requirements. Upon ordering, specify your external casing diameter alongside your required material numbers and components. We deliver this package, customized specifically for you.

The AFRIDEV Hand Pump Package for a 30m Well has an estimated weight of 126 kg and a volume of 0.25 m^3. This attests to the wonders of modern engineering and compact storage, ensuring seamless transportation. You can, therefore, rely on our products to provide consistent water pumping performance, meeting your particular needs.

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