Thuraya 2510 – Handheld Satellite Terminal for Secure, Remote Communication

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Discover the power of seamless connectivity with the Thuraya 2510 Handheld Satellite Terminal. Wherever your travels take you, stay connected via voice calls, SMS, and low-speed data transfer. Its built-in GPS ensures precise tracking and location pinning. The device’s durable battery provides 40 hours on standby and 2.4 hours of typical use. Compact and light, the terminal is highly portable while offering versatility in applications like portable voice, office voice backup, and disaster recovery. An excellent choice for emergencies, security environments, or areas without conventional connectivity.

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Thuraya 2510 - The Ultimate Handheld Satellite Terminal

Introducing the Thuraya 2510 - a revolution in remote communication technology. This handheld satellite terminal makes it simple to stay connected, even in the most secluded locations. It's lightweight, portable, and brimming with industry-leading features to provide reliable, secure connectivity when you need it most.

Pioneering Features

  • The Thuraya 2510 is exceptionally compact and lightweight yet robust, designed ergonomically for maximum comfort, ease of use, and portability.
  • An intuitive interface allows for effortless navigation through multiple communication options, including voice calls, text messages, and low-speed data transfer.
  • Stay secure with a built-in GPS receiver and enjoy the versatility of a 9.6 kbps switched circuit data service, 60/15 kbps GmPRS, and 160 character SMS.
  • With a high-capacity Li-Ion battery, get up to 40 hours of standby time and 2.4 hours of typical use, perfect for long days out in the field.
  • Seamlessly sync the device with your PC via a proprietary USB interface to enhance ease of use and functionality.

What's Included

The Thuraya handset pack includes a handheld terminal, Li-Ion battery, SIM card, ear set, USB data cable, standard AC/DC PSU with 2-pin plug and multi-use adapter, car charger, a CD-ROM containing useful manuals, software and drivers, along with an easy-to-follow quick start guide.

Important Instructions and Precautions

Remember to activate the SIM card for network connectivity. Be sure to familiarize yourself with airtime rates and monthly charges. Basic operation training is recommended. Be aware that obtaining satellite phone equipment licenses may be necessary in certain jurisdictions.

Who Needs the Thuraya 2510?

For those seeking portable voice applications, office communication backup, or disaster recovery solutions, the Thuraya 2510 is the device to have. It’s also a critical tool for emergencies and high-security locations, promising reliable and trustworthy performance.

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