Senior Handball with Synthetic Leather - Elevating Your Sporting Experiments

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Senior Handball Featuring Synthetic Leather: Precision-Made for Enhanced Performance & Longevity

  • Superior Synthetic Leather: Assuredly constructed using quality synthetic leather for heightened resilience and prolonged lifespan.
  • User-friendly Handling: Boasts a gentle exterior surface, ensuring a comfortable grasp that suits all skill levels.
  • Size for Adults: Specially devised for seniors, thereby enabling an enriching handball gaming pleasure.
  • Persistent Inflation: Contains a distinctive one-way valve that ensures sustained inflation, lessening the frequency of air refill.
  • Excellent Shape Retention: Guarantees to maintain its shape through various conditions on diverse pitches, giving value to its durability.
  • Packaging: Each product comes deflated, individually packed in a hole-punched plastic bag with two one-way inflation needles. Note: Inflation kit not included.
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

A Superior Sporting Experience with the Senior Handball - Synthetic Leather

The Senior Handball with Synthetic Leather brings the ultimate sporting experience. This result of top-tier sports engineering is perfect for users across a range of arenas – schools, sports clubs, or public sports facilities. Your passion needs the right equipment to shine, and this handball rises to the occasion, delivering exceptional performance for intense, action-packed games.

Product Highlights:

  • Senior Handball Design: With a 58-60cm circumference, it makes for riveting, fast-paced handball games.
  • Superb Weight: At 425-475g, the weight of the handball offers an excellent balance, heightening throw accuracy and better control during play.
  • Enduring Outer Casing: The top-quality synthetic leather ensures durability and impressive in-game performance.
  • Sustained Air Pressure: The built-in non-return valve maintains optimal air pressure for a consistent bounce and response.

Package Features:

The product comes deflated and is individually packed in a breathable plastic bag. You'll also find two non-return inflating needles conveniently accessible within the bag. For inflation assistance, we suggest buying our inflating kit for balls (product code S2741600) sold separately.


Product Specs:

  • Weight - 0.520kg
  • Volume - 3.198cdm

Choose Synthetic Leather Handball!

The Senior Synthetic Leather Handball is a versatile addition to your sports kit. Whether it's for school physical education, or social gatherings at clubs or parks, it fits in seamlessly. We ensure quality, durability, and satisfaction with our products, a testament to our unyielding commitment to our customers.

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