Haloperidol Injection - Potent, High-Quality Antipsychotic Solution

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Haloperidol Injection – Powerful Antipsychotic Treatment | 10 Ampoules, 5mg/ml

Experience the power of Haloperidol Injection, a potent antipsychotic medication designed to treat a wide range of psychiatric disorders. Our 5mg/ml concentration allows for precise dosage control, delivered in handy 1ml ampoules.

  • Package: Outfitted with 10 ampoules per box for user convenience
  • Quality Assurance: Meets stringent quality standards, promoting positive patient outcomes
  • Chemical Formula: C21H23ClFNO2 — efficient and reliable
  • CAS Number: 52-86-8, ensuring product authenticity and purity
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High-Potency Haloperidol Injection - Advanced Antipsychotic Medication

Introducing the efficacious Haloperidol Injection, a top-notch antipsychotic medication known for its potency and consistent results. Our formulation is housed in a 1ml ampoule, with each box carrying 10 ampoules, each containing 5mg/ml of Haloperidol. This is a potent concentration that guarantees an effective therapeutic impact.

Unrivaled Features:

  • Potent antipsychotic medication for controlling psychotic symptoms
  • Concentration of 5mg/ml for a potent dosage
  • Supplied in 1ml ampoules for controlled and precise usage
  • A box of 10 ampoules ensures continuous treatment

Usage Parameters:

Please refer to the WHO Model Formulary for comprehensive instructions on use, contraindications, cautions, possible side effects, and recommended dosage. Click Here

Supplementary Information:

This product is incorporated in our IEHK2011 supplementary kit 1 for medicines (Product code: S9901006), a full selection of medical products aimed at full-scale healthcare provisions.

Commitment to Quality:

Our Haloperidol Injection is renowned for its efficacy and safety in treating various psychotic disorders. High-quality checks ensure superior grade medication.


Always seek advice from a healthcare professional before using this medication. Do not self-medicate or modify the dosage without medical guidance.

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