Haier Walk-In Freezer Room | High-Capacity Cold Storage Solution

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Haier Walk-In Freezer Room with Split Type Technology and 20m3 Capacity: Premium Cold Storage Solution

Experience efficient and secure cold storage with the Haier Walk-In, Split Type Freezer Room offering a generous 20m3 capacity. Boasting fire-retardant insulation of polyurethane foam in compliance with IEC 60335-1, the product ensures utmost safety. With thermostat calibrated to ITS-90 and environmentally-friendly, CFC-free refrigerant gas R448a, a stable -20°C temperature is maintained. The integrated alarm system comes with a battery backup for added security.

  • 20m3 capacity for efficient cold storage
  • Fire-retardant polyurethane foam insulation for safety
  • IEC 60335-1 compliant for electrical safety
  • Thermostat calibrated to ITS-90 ensures stable -20°C
  • Alarm system with battery backup offers additional security
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Haier Walk-In Freezer Room with Split Type Technology: Premium Cold Storage Solution, Ideal for High-capacity Storage

The Haier Walk-in, Split Type Freezer Room is the epitome of practicality and efficiency, and offers an impressive 20m3 storage capacity. This product is specially crafted for safe and secure storage, with a focus on vaccines and pharmaceuticals, integrating top-tier technology for optimum temperature control, enhanced safety measures, and unparalleled energy efficiency, making it an excellent choice for warehouse applications. Whether you're looking to expand or upgrade, this freezer room is a top-tier solution.

Major Features

  • Prefabricated construction guarantees easy installation and reduces setup-time.
  • Works on a 220/380 volts power supply at a 50Hz frequency, compatible with three-phase power supply.
  • Includes dual refrigeration unit ensuring continuous and reliable cooling.
  • Integrates an advanced electrical control unit to protect against potential electrical hazards.
  • Utilization of R448a, an eco-friendly, CFC-free refrigerant gas for sustainable operation.
  • Automatic responsibility sharing and electric defrosting feature for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Precision thermostat for accurate temperature control, settings can be adjusted to -20u00b0C.
  • Constructed with fire-retardant polyurethane foam insulation for superior thermal retention and increased fire safety.
  • Sturdy construction with zinc-coated polyester coating, tongue and groove joints enhance structure stability.
  • Insulated door design with frame heating element and safety release lock.
  • Adjustable shelving system for improved storage management.
  • Low-energy LED lighting, providing clear visibility in the storage areas.
  • Integrated alarm system with battery backup for round-the-clock security.

This Haier Walk-in, Split Type Freezer Room comes with a solid 2-year warranty, offering a premium cold storage solution.

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