Haier WIC-WIF Combi Mono Block 40m3: The Forefront of Vaccine Storage Innovation

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Introducing the Haier WIC-WIF Combi Mono Block 40m3: an exceptional vaccine storage solution. Key features:

  • Optimal Storage: Guarantee vaccine efficacy with dual compartment storage (Cold Room: 2u00b0C-8u00b0C and Freezer Room (-20u00b0C)).
  • Eco-friendly: Powered by CFC-free R448a refrigerant gas.
  • Expansive Area: Provides ample space with Cold Room of 25mu00b2 and Freezer Room of 15mu00b2 .
  • Automatic Features: Duty sharing, defrosting, accurate temperature control, and alarm system.
  • Easy Installation: User-friendly setup.
  • Quality Assurance: Includes a 2-year warranty for product quality and durability.

Ideal for hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies demanding reliable and efficient vaccine storage.

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Delve into the brilliance of Haier WIC-WIF Combi Mono Block 40m3: The Quintessential Vaccine Storage Solution

Presenting the Haier WIC-WIF Combi Mono Block 40m3 - the unrivalled solution for all your vaccine storage needs. Crafted on the bedrock of cutting-edge technology, this high-performance vaccine storage equipment is a testament to Haier's commitment to innovation. Primed for high functionality and steadfast reliability, this walk-in combined cold and freezer room provides a supremely spacious storage setting that guarantees the perfect preservation of your vaccines under the required temperatures.

Highlights of the Haier WIC-WIF Combi Mono Block 40m3:

  • Enormous external capacity with Cold Room dimensions of 3100 x 3800 x 2600 mm (25m2) and Freezer Room measuring 2100 x 3800 x 2600 mm (15m2)
  • Admirable utility of space owing to capacious internal dimensions
  • Performing par excellence across a range of climatic conditions, capable of withstanding an ambient temperature of up to 43u00b0C
  • Reliable operation on a 220/380 volts, 50Hz mains supply, featuring three phases for increased resilience
  • Brilliant temperature stratification with Cold Room temperature from 2u00b0C to 8u00b0C and the Freezer Room plunging to -20u00b0C for optimum vaccine preservation
  • Provision of full mechanical and electrical fittings rendering installation effortless
  • Prioritizes sustainability with CFC-free R448a refrigerant gas included in dual refrigeration units
  • Automatic duty-sharing system, run-hour meter, and timer-controlled electric defrosting system for ease of operation
  • High precision temperature control thermostat maintaining an accuracy of u00b10.5u00b0C ensures ideal storage conditions
  • Comes with a complete alarm system and real-time temperature tracking system for meticulous supervision of the storage environment
  • Flexible storage layout with standalone, adjustable shelving units
  • Enhanced visibility provided by LED lighting integrated within the storage
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty, promising investment security

Place unwavering faith in your vaccines' preservation with the Haier WIC-WIF Combi Mono Block 40m3—an unmatched solution for superlative maintenance of vaccines under all specified temperatures.

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