Haier WIC Room Split Type 30m3 - Versatile and Reliable Cold Storage Solution

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The Haier WIC Room Split Type 30m3 represents a top-tier cold storage solution, perfect for large-scale vaccine storage. With a 30m3 capability, it has an adjustable internal temperature range of 2° – 8°C, ensuring optimal storage circumstances.

  • Design: Features split-type construction with mechanical and electrical fittings
  • Power: Operates dual-power from 220/380 volts, 50Hz, 3-phase mains supply
  • Insulation: Includes wall, roof, and door panels for superior insulation
  • Safety: Enhanced with audible and visible alarm systems
  • Monitoring: Reliable temperature tracking system with 2-year spare parts

Certified by WHO PQS and uses eco-friendly refrigerant R448a. The product has a dimension of L=4800 x W=2930 x H=2600 mm and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Haier WIC Room Split Type 30m3 - Superior Cold Storage Solution for Beefing Up Your Storage Efficiencies

The Haier WIC Room Split Type 30m3 is a high-performance and versatile solution, designed to address wide-range cold storage needs. This sophisticated walk-in cool room is ideal for preserving perishable goods and vaccines, ensuring that they maintain their quality and efficiency. Boasting a large volume of 30m3, this cooling system is designed to cater your storage needs on both provincial and national levels.

  • The versatile Haier WIC Room pre-constructed design is walk-in ready and features all the necessary mechanical and electrical attachments for straightforward setup.
  • Running on a sophisticated dual refrigeration unit compatible with 220/380 volts, 50Hz, three-phase main power supply, it boasts of super-efficient energy utilization.
  • For maximum insulation, the WIC Room's walls, roof, and door panels are designed with a layer of polyurethane foam to maintain an internal temperature of 2°C to 8°C, crucial for ensuring the quality of stored materials.
  • This environmentally friendly storage solution uses industry-standard and ozone layer preserving R448a refrigerant gas.
  • Featuring an advanced temperature monitoring system with visual and audible alarm warnings, this cold room assures constant temperature enforcement, thus preserving the quality of stored goods.

With this free-standing cold room, you can expect excellent freight efficiency attributable to its external dimensions of 4800 mm (L), 2930 mm (W), and 2600 mm(H). Internally it measures 4600 mm in length, 2730 mm in width, and 2400 mm in height. It has an estimated shipping weight of about 3100 Kg and a shipping volume of 19 m3.

The Haier WIC Room Split Type 30m3 goes beyond delivering excellent cold storage performance. It prioritizes reliability and durability with its electrical safety rating, panel insulation, WHO PQS standard compliant floor construction, and a thorough 2-year warranty. Embrace cost-efficient, reliable, and flexible cold storage with Haier WIC Room Split Type 30m3.

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