Haemoglobin Colour Scale Starter Kit: Precise, Readily Accessible Hemoglobin Level Assessment Tool

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The Haemoglobin Colour Scale Starter Kit is a practical tool vital for health professionals seeking accurate hemoglobin level estimations. Features of the kit include:

  • Comprehensive Components: The kit contains a guidebook, dispensed absorbent test strips, and user-friendly instructions in English or French.
  • Robust Packaging: Primary packaging with sturdy, weather-resistant housing ensures protection and longevity.
  • Storage Guidelines: Avoid direct sunlight for optimal preservation. It offers a shelf life of 24 months.
  • Refills Availability: Convenient ordering of testing strip refills via catalog no. S0003391.
  • Compact Size: The lightweight design (0.52kg) and compact volume (0.0005m3) ensure portability.

Note: The kit’s primary use is for hemoglobin level estimation, and it is not meant for diagnostic purposes.

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Haemoglobin Colour Scale Starter Kit: Your Ultimate Hemoglobin Assessment Tool

Precise and instantaneous measurement of haemoglobin levels is now possible with our Haemoglobin Colour Scale Starter Kit. This efficacious kit equips healthcare professionals, especially in places where lab facilities are inaccessible, with a quick and accurate haemoglobin estimation system. Each kit consists of soberly presented brochures with six dynamic red shades symbolizing the haemoglobin value range from 4 to 14 g/dl, enabling prompt and straightforward interpretations.

Key Features:

  • The kit includes 5 dispensers, each containing 200 detachable absorbent test strips, enabling numerous uses without rapid exhaustion.
  • Comprehensive instruction manuals in both English and French simplify the usage process, making it universally applicable.
  • The hardy sealed packaging ensures the kit remains undamaged in transit and is resilient against all weather conditions making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • Proper storage away from the sun assures a shelf life of up to 24 months post-manufacture.
  • Being lightweight (0.52 kg approx.) and compactly designed (0.0005m3) it is easy to carry, making it perfect for travel.
  • Ordering a replenishment of test strips is straightforward with catalogue no. S0003391—Haemoglobin Colour Scale (Refill Kit).

Despite being non-diagnostic, the Haemoglobin Colour Scale Starter Kit delivers a high accuracy rate when used per manufacturer's instructions. An indispensable accessory for healthcare professionals operating in remote locations, it epitomizes easiness, precision, and resourcefulness.

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