GY-6528 Microcomputer Controlled Freezer: High-Tech Precision and Safety

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The GY-6528 Microcomputer Controlled Freezer epitomizes precision cooling science, capable of temperature control ranging from -20°C to -125°C. Equipped with microcomputer and cascade temperature controls, it provides accurate temperature settings. Distinctive compressors from TECUMSEH, DANFOSS, and EMERSON promote reliable performance, while automatic cascade refrigeration technology ensures efficient cooling. Safeguarded by overload protection, high-pressure switches, and thermal protection mechanisms, it is exceptionally secure for use. The product offers superior insulation, making it optimal for mechanical producing plants. Additionally, it boasts a user-friendly design for seamless operation.

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GY-6528 Microcomputer Controlled Freezer: Combining Precision and Safety

The GY-6528 Microcomputer Controlled Freezer manifests a confluence of advanced technology, safety, user-friendly operation, and efficiency. Ideal for use in mechanical manufacturing plants, this device offers a premium solution for stringent freezing requirements.

The device utilizes a high-tech microcomputer control system in tandem with a cascade temperature controller and digital temperature display. The temperature range spans from -20°C to -125°C, promising exceptional temperature precision.

  • Unrivalled Safety Measures: The freezer is equipped with multiple safety features such as overload protection, overload relays, high-pressure switches, and thermal contactors. Additionally, its use of globally recognized compressors, including brands like France TECUMSEH, Germany DANFOSS, and EMERSON, adds an extra layer of reliability and safety.
  • Remarkable Insulation: Designed with three sealed mould layers of insulation, this includes an extra-thick high-density polyurethane foam insulation layer delivering superior insulation. The inclusion of inline vacuum insulation panels aids in the maintenance of the controlled internal temperature.
  • User-Friendly Design: The GY-6528 has a very user-friendly design that ensures its adaptability in busy working environments. Its wide volume ratio design and significant carrying capacity make it useful across several applications, able to meet the demands of a versatile workspace.

The integration of innovative technology with unparalleled safety features makes the GY-6528 Microcomputer Controlled Freezer a leading product in the market. Its user-friendliness, combined with its flexibility in operations, ensures that it fulfils the needs of any modern workspace, making it an essential device in the industry.

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