High-Quality Non-Sterile, Non-Woven, Disposable Surgical Gown Size L for Optimum Hygiene and Safety: Single Use for Prime Protection

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Maximize hygiene during surgical procedures with our non-sterile, disposable surgical gown in Large size. Composed of SMS or SMMS non-woven fabric, this gown offers superior resistance and comfort. It is designed for single use, individually packed to maintain hygiene standards. The gown provides effective protection, with an outer layer designed to prevent liquid penetration in critical areas. This product complies with EN 13795 or ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012 standards.

  • Material: High-quality, durable SMS or SMMS non-woven fabric.
  • Hygiene Protection: Optimal barrier against liquid penetration in crucial areas.
  • Standards Compliance: EN 13795 or ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012 adherent for maximum protection.
  • Single-Use: Individually packed for single-use convenience and hygiene.
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Non-Sterile, Non-Woven, Disposable Surgical Gown Size L: Maximum Hygiene and Safety Assured

Our Quality Non-Sterile, Non-Woven, Disposable Surgical Gown Size L presents the epitome of sophisticated medical clothing that emphasizes hygiene, safety, and comfort for both healthcare professionals and patients. Elegantly designed for single use, it eliminates the risks of contamination commonly associated with reusable gowns.

  • Made from top-grade non-woven materials like SMS or SMMS, the gown offers exceptional durability, making it an indispensable choice for surgical procedures. Its expert construction ensures patients and professionals a comfortable procedure experience.
  • The gown features long sleeves and a drawstring waist, allowing a snug and secure fit, thus ensuring maximum protection.
  • Our gown excels in safeguarding users as the outer layer is designed to resist liquid penetration, especially in critical areas such as the chest and sleeves. This ensures optimal safety during potentially messy surgical procedures.
  • Attend to larger patients with empathy and care, thanks to our gown's length range of 110 to 150 cm and minimum waist width of 150 cm.
  • We prioritize safety standards, thus our gown robustly complies with leading health and safety regulations including the EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42, US FDA 510(k) clearance, EN 13795 standard or ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012. This substantiates the gown as high-quality surgical wear.
  • Each gown is individually packed featuring essential information such as manufacturer's name, product reference, and product type for users' convenience. This also simplifies the identification process, making it straightforward for the users to select the suitable gown.
  • Our gown’s packaging label includes essential information such as storage conditions, handling instructions, and the total units in one box, streamlining the ordering and usage processes, especially for bulk orders.

The Non-Sterile, Non-Woven, Disposable Surgical Gown Size L, weighing 595kg and volume of 7cdm, is tailored to meet the demanding needs of healthcare professionals. It reflects our commitment to delivering top-notch, single-use surgical supplies that maintain the highest levels of hygiene.

Note: The gown is non-sterile and ready for immediate use.

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