High-Quality Isolation Gown - Superior Non-Woven Material, Lightweight Design, Unparalleled Protection

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High-Quality Isolation Gown Non-Woven Light ISO16604 Disposable Size L

  • Critical Viral Protection: Offers superior safety by isolating users from viruses and blood-borne pathogens. Ideal for healthcare settings and emergencies.
  • Durable Non-woven Material: Composed of robust non-woven fabric, ensuring durability for extended use.
  • Comfort-Focused Design: Comes with full-length sleeves and waist tie promoting user comfort and fit.
  • ISO and EU Certified: Compliant with ISO16604 requirements and EU directives specific to single-use non-sterile gowns.
  • Efficient Packaging: Each package includes 10 individual unit gowns, ready for fast distribution and use.
  • Technical Aspects: With a volume of 0.032 m3 and material density of 20 g/m2, each gown weighs 0.42 kg. Designed for efficacy and patient protection.

High-Quality Isolation Gown Non-Woven Light ISO16604 Disposable Size L – Your reliable isolation solution.

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High-Quality Isolation Gown Non-Woven Light ISO16604, Size L – Robust Viral Protection

Presenting our premium High-Quality Isolation Gown - Non-Woven Light ISO16604 Size L, thoughtfully designed for providing unparallel protection in volatile healthcare and industrial settings. Equipped with state-of-the-art features that ensure optimum reliability, our isolation gown is a necessary addition to your safety gear.

  • Physical barrier integrity: Full-length with long sleeves and waist tie ensuring comprehensive body coverage against viral penetration.
  • Sturdy construction: Manufactured from superior non-woven materials like SMS, SMMS, and polyethylene-coated polypropylene, resisting viral penetration at the utmost security level including thorough front and arms.
  • Tested protection: Resistance tested against blood-borne pathogens, fulfilling safety standards with an impressive 1.75kPa minimal pressure.
  • Comfortable Design: Lightweight fabric with an average density of min 20 g/m2, extra length (110-150 cm), and generous width of (min 130 cm), making it an ideal fit for most individuals.
  • Durability: Sleeves designed with double-layer cuffs from either cotton or synthetic, interlocked jersey - providing a perfect blend between comfort and longevity.
  • European standard compliance: Aligns with EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42, Class I, EU Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686, Category I, maintaining safety and quality.
  • Hygiene centric: Non-sterile, single-use design optimally ensuring hygiene and rendering unnecessary cleaning.
  • Packaging: Meticulous packaging with ten gowns per primary pack and clear labeling including essential product information for smooth handling and storing.
  • User-friendly: Each gown weighs 0.42kg with a volume of 0.032m3 for easy handling, storage, and transportation.

With our premium High-Quality Isolation Gown, embrace safety, comfort and hygiene, without compromising on quality!

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