Pack of 10 Non-Woven Disposable Isolation Gowns - Superior Liquid Penetration Resistance

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Maintain a high level of hygiene with this Pack of 10 Disposable Isolation Gowns. Made from robust non-woven material, these gowns give excellent liquid penetration resistance. Detailed with long sleeves and waist tie for a comfortable and practical fit. Suitable for a wide range of users with its universal size. Optimally designed for single-use in healthcare facilities, these gowns promote hygiene and easy disposal.

  • 10 Disposable Isolation Gowns for optimum hygiene and safety
  • Constructed with robust, non-woven material for extended durability
  • Offers superb liquid penetration resistance, providing exclusive safety
  • Designed with long sleeves and a waist tie for facilitating a customized fit
  • Features a single-use design to ensure cleanliness and easy disposal
  • Universal size, suitable for the majority of users
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Pack of 10 Non-Woven Disposable Isolation Gowns - Top Liquid Penetration Resistance

Experience maximum protection with these Disposable Isolation Gowns. Specifically designed for medical and hygiene applications, they offer superior liquid penetration resistance. This pack of 10, non-sterile, disposable isolation gowns is made from premium Non-Woven fabric (SMS, SMMS, polyethylene-coated polypropylene, etc.). Long-sleeved, and with a secure waist tie, these gowns ensure safety and comfort while providing excellent coverage.

Exceptional Features

  • Universal size for versatile use across various applications.
  • Designed with a protective double layer cuff, providing additional safety and durability.
  • Compliant with EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42, Class I / Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686, Category I standards.
  • Optimum liquid penetration resistance across critical areas, including full front and arms.

Packaging and Labelling

  • Conveniently packed in sets of 10 pieces per bag.
  • Comprehensive product and manufacturer details provided, ensuring transparency and trustworthy operation.
  • Includes critical storage and handling guidelines for successful usage and maintenance.

These gowns guarantee an optimum balance of protection and comfort, ensuring that you feel secure while caring for others. Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, labs, or any environment where protection from liquid penetration is necessary. With these disposable isolation gowns, you can confidently keep yourself protected.

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