Premium Glucose Injection 50% - Effective Solution for Hypoglycemia

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High-Quality Glucose Injection 50% in 50 ml Vials – A Robust Solution for Hypoglycemia

Our premium Glucose Injection – 50% in 50 ml vials – represents a trusted and efficient treatment for hypoglycemia, supplied in pack of 25 vials. Used in medical and healthcare practice for swift and assured management of hypoglycemia and electrolyte imbalances.

  • Contains 50% w/v Glucose, promising high performance
  • Optimally designed for potent hypoglycemia management
  • Aids in restoring electrolyte balance effectively
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High-Quality Glucose Injection 50% in 50 ml Vials - A Robust Solution for Hypoglycemia

Solely designed to effectively combat hypoglycemia and regulate electrolytes, our premium Glucose Injections boast an industry-leading formulation of 50% w/v glucose solution. This offering includes a bulk set of 25 vials, each precisely filled with 50 ml of the solution, thereby guaranteeing consistent and exact dosages.

  • Top-Quality Production: Strict quality checks ensure that each vial meets the highest pharmaceutical standards, ensuring you of a product capable of yielding critical therapeutic benefits.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: Our Glucose Injection effectively works to quickly rectify hypoglycemia by replenishing systemic glucose levels. Additionally, it helps maintain a balanced electrolyte profile, vital for maintaining healthy bodily functions.
  • Flexible Dosage and Usage: The recommended usage guidance aligns with the WHO Model Formulary, ensuring our product's versatility across diverse healthcare environments. Always consult healthcare professionals to determine individual dosage recommendations.
  • Long Shelf Life: With a substantial life duration of up to 36 months, our product retains its potency and usability, thereby serving long-term medical needs effectually.
  • Storage and Transport: To maintain potency and therapeutic effectiveness, it is recommended to transport and store the product between temperatures of 15C and 25C.
  • A Must-Have Component: This Glucose Injection is a vital piece of many emergency medical kits - a necessary item in prompt care and emergency situations.
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