Size 8 Surgical Latex Powder-Free Gloves – Premium Quality & Protection

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High-Quality Size 8 Surgical Latex Powder-Free Gloves

  • 100% Natural Latex: Ensures excellent strength and flexibility.
  • Powder-Free: Minimizes contamination and allergic reactions risks.
  • Optimal Size 8: Provides perfect fit for larger hands.
  • Certification: CE marked and conforms to EN-455 standards, demonstrating protection against biological and physical hazards.Comprehensive Coverage: Dimensions of 270mm length and approximately 102±5mm width.

Optimized for medical, industrial, and general usage for superior protection and quality.

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Surgical Latex Powder-Free Gloves Size 8: Unmatched Protection, Precision, and Comfort

Equip yourself with our premium Surgical Latex Powder-Free Gloves, Size 8, designed to offer you optimal safety and dexterity during surgical procedures. With a focus on minimizing cross-contamination risks, these gloves bring a new level of protection to your healthcare practice or facility, meeting the strict EN-455 standards and carrying a CE mark for quality assurance.

Top-tier Protection and Quality

Constructed from natural latex, these gloves ensure superior comfort and sensitivity, perfect for detail-oriented tasks. They fit both right and left hands, with a perfect size 8 fit suited for most adult hand sizes. The powder-free design eliminates the risk of respiratory allergies associated with powdered gloves and makes them safe for all users.

  • Anatomically shaped for each right and left hand
  • Made from high-quality natural latex for exceptional fit and comfort
  • Size 8 - ideal for most adult hand sizes
  • Total length: Approximately 270mm; width: 102 ± 5mm
  • EN-455 standard compliance; CE marked for quality assurance

Premium Packaging and Labelling

Our surgical gloves come securely packaged in a sterile peel pack. To maximize safety, this primary packaging undergoes a double packing process. Each box contains 50 pairs of gloves, efficiently labeled for easy identification. Details like size, right/left hand identification, and hook positioning are distinctly mentioned on the labels.

Usage and Storage Guidelines

These gloves are sterile and intended for single-use. Trained medical personnel should handle them. Before and after each use, washing hands is highly recommended. Safe disposal after use is a must. Store the gloves away from sunlight and humidity and within their original packaging.

These gloves are not just standalone products but also form an essential component in the specifically designed S9906730 Diarrheal Disease Set Packing and S9902219 Midwifery kit, 3-renewable.

Note: Each pair of gloves weighs approximately 0.04kg. and has a volume of approximately 0.2cdm.

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