Size 8.5 Sterile Single Use Powder-Free Latex Surgical Gloves - Medical Grade

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Powder-Free Surgical Gloves Size 8.5 | Sterile Single Use Latex Gloves – Medical Grade

  • Single-use, Sterile, Powder-Free: These gloves are designed for one-time usage to ensure no cross-contamination and maximum cleanliness during surgical procedures.
  • Anatomically shaped pair: One for the right hand and one for the left ensure proper fitting and comfort.
  • Natural Latex Material: Ensures flexibility while guaranteeing optimal skin friendliness, even in a frequent usage scenario.
  • Physical Dimensions: The width of 108 ± 5mm and a total length of approximately 280mm makes them a good fit for most users.
  • CE marked and Conforms to EN-455: This assures the product is compliant with strict European quality and safety standards.
  • Weight and Volume: They weigh an estimated 0.04kg and have a volume of 0.2 cdm.
  • Storage Instructions: To maintain their integrity, these gloves should be stored away from sunlight and humidity.
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Sterile Single-Use Medical Grade Powder-Free Latex Surgical Gloves Size 8.5

Designed with protective and comfort-driven construct, our powder-free, sterile, latex Surgical Gloves are the essential tool for any healthcare environment. The defining factor is their custom-fit adaptability, perfect for various circumstances requiring stringent hygiene and prevention of contamination.

Key Features:

  • Anatomically tailored, providing a right and left-hand glove in each pair.
  • Expertly manufactured from natural latex that ensures resilience, flexible strength, and longevity.
  • Powder-free, making them safe and hypoallergenic, reducing the probability of skin sensitivity reactions.
  • Providing size 8.5 for an unconstrained and comfortable fit for most hands.
  • A total length of approximately 280mm covering the entire hand.
  • Width allowing taut fit at approximately 108 ± 5mm.
  • Sterilization of each set of gloves ensures prevention against cross-contamination.
  • Secondary packaging benefits offering 50 pairs in each box, designed for high-activity healthcare scenarios.

Usage Guidelines:

Primarily utilized for surgical procedures, the gloves serve as an essential barrier against cross-contamination, protecting both patients and medical professionals. Remember, each pair is strictly for single use, requiring change for every new patient or task.

Storage Guidelines:

Preserve these gloves in original packaging, in an area free from direct sunlight and humidity for maximum longevity.

Safety Warnings:

Ensure thorough washing of hands with soap and water pre and post gloves usage. In case of visible damages or tampering with the glove package, discard and opt for a new pair.

Our latex gloves are CE marked, assuring conformity with EN-455 standards, certifying them as a trusted choice for healthcare practitioners.

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