Premium Size 7 Powder-Free Surgical Gloves - Superior Protection with Natural Latex

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Powder-Free Surgical Gloves Size 7 | Premium Natural Latex | Single-Use | Sterile

Premium quality Powder-Free Surgical Gloves, ideally designed for Size 7. Expertly crafted from natural latex to ensure maximum hygiene and safety, these gloves are sterile and intended for single-use only.

  • Material: Premium Quality Natural Latex
  • Design: Powder-Free for Ease and Comfort
  • Size: 7, Anatomically Crafted
  • Condition: Fully Sterilized
  • Usage: Single-Use to Maximize Sterility

Packed individually in sterilized transparent packages, each box contains 50 pairs of gloves. Ideal for use in Obstetrics, Surgical procedures, and Midwifery kits. Storage guidance – maintain in original packaging, away from exposure to light and humidity.

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Powder-Free Surgical Gloves Size 7 - Premium Natural Latex, Single-use, Sterile

Experience the impeccable balance of superior protection and enhanced performance with our Powder-free Surgical Gloves, specifically tailored to size 7. Made with meticulous precision from top-quality natural latex, these gloves are specially fashioned to fit perfectly, thanks to their unique anatomical design. These gloves are exclusively designed for a single use, thereby ensuring optimal sterility and safety for high precision surgical procedures.

Key Features

  • Natural Latex Construction: Our surgical gloves are forged using high-quality, natural latex, delivering an optimal balance of flexibility and tactility. This ensures wearers comfort, first-rate protection, and maximum functionality.
  • Size Specific: These gloves specifically cater to Size 7 wearers. With a glove length of 270mm and a width of 89±5mm, we ensure a perfect fit and unmatched comfort for wearers.
  • Sterility and Safety: As a single-use product, our surgical gloves provide advanced sterility that reduces the risk of cross infections. This provides superiority safety during surgeries.
  • Conformity and Certification: All our surgical gloves are CE Marked and comply with the rigorous EN-455 medical glove standards. This ensures their professional quality and security.
  • Easy Application: Our surgical gloves are powder-free, making them easy to put on and remove after use. This results in a swift and efficient usage experience.

Our surgical gloves are packed in individual sterilized peel packs with clear labeling for easy identification, making each pair quickly accessible when needed. Each package contains 50 pairs of gloves.

These gloves form an integral part of our Obstetric, Surgical, and Midwifery kit. Whether directly applied or used as a part of these kits, they facilitate numerous applications in various medical scenarios.

Please ensure that you wash your hands before and after use and check the quality and integrity of each piece before using them. The gloves should be stored in their original packaging, away from direct sunlight and humidity to maintain their prime condition.

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