Sterilized, Natural Latex Powder-Free Surgical Gloves - Superior Protection and Comfort

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Sterilized, Powder-Free Surgical Gloves Crafted from Superior Natural Latex

Experience exceptional protection with our sterile natural latex surgical gloves, boasting high resilience and durability. Adapting to anatomical shape and variable hand sizes, these powder-free gloves ensure a comfortable fit with a widely applicable size option of 7.5. Certified with a CE mark and conforming to the rigorous EN-455 standards, the quality is unparalleled. Individually sealed in sterilized peel packs, each box comprises 50 pairs convenient for various medical procedures. They are recommended for single use to maintain sterility, thus emphasising their correct disposal post usage.

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Sterilized, Natural Latex Powder-Free Surgical Gloves: Essential Protection for Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Our high-grade, sterilized, powder-free surgical gloves present the perfect fusion of safety, comfort, and tactile sensitivity. Skillfully crafted from superior grade natural latex, these gloves provide a robust barrier against cross-contamination during all types of surgical procedures.

Specially designed to eliminate the risk of powder-induced irritation and allergies, our gloves ensure maximum protection and comfort for both healthcare providers and patients. Each glove pair is pre-packaged in an individual sterilized peel pack - creating a ready-to-use, well-marked solution for busy healthcare environments.

  • Expertly manufactured from natural latex
  • Sterilized to minimize infection risk
  • Powder-free for reduced allergy risk
  • Anatomically shaped for a perfect fit
  • Conforming to EN-455 standards

Our gloves have a total length of approximately 270mm and a width of approximately 95 ± 5mm. This size provides ample coverage essential during invasive procedures. Each box contains 50 pairs of gloves, offering an efficient supply for demanding medical environments.

Compatible with various medical kits like Obstetric, Midwifery, and Diarrhoeal Disease Set Packing, these gloves serve as an essential tool in all medical setups. They help guard against viral and bacterial infections, upholding the safety and hygiene of healthcare providers and patients alike.

Remember to disinfect hands before and after use and ensure that these surgical gloves are used only once to minimize infection risk. For longevity, store the gloves in their original packaging, distanced from direct sunlight and humidity. Your safety is our priority.

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