CE Marked Medium Size Sterile Gynaecological Gloves: High-Quality, Latex, Powder-Free

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CE Marked Medium Size Sterile Gynaecological Gloves: High-quality, latex, powder-free gloves essential for gynaecological and obstetric procedures. Specifications:

  • Sterile and powder-free to minimize allergen exposure.
  • Constructed from natural latex providing high durability, flexibility, and comfort.
  • CE marked implying adherence to EN-455 standards.
  • Provided as a single-use pair (one right-handed and one left-handed glove) in the size range: 7.5-8.
  • Individually packed in a sterilized peel pack with clear instructions and storage conditions.

These gloves form an important part of Obstetric and Midwifery Kits ensuring safety and hygiene during procedures.

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CE Marked Medium Size Sterile Gynaecological Gloves: High-Quality, Latex, Powder-Free

From routine examinations to complex procedures, our CE Marked Medium Size Sterile Gynaecological Gloves provide unmatched protection for healthcare professionals. These high-quality gloves, made from premium natural latex, offer durability and flexibility to handle the rigorous demands of obstetric and gynaecological care.

These gloves are latex made, powder-free, and specifically engineered for comfort and safety. With a comfortable 7.5-8 medium size, they fits a broad range of hand sizes (~95+/-5mm). Plus, their extended cuff design provides enhanced coverage beyond the wrist, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality, natural latex offering excellent durability and flexibility
  • Designed to be powder-free, reducing risk of allergenic reactions
  • Extended cuff offers added protection, ensuring coverage beyond the wrist
  • Each pair is sterilized and packed separately to maintain optimal cleanliness
  • Complaint with EN-455 Standards, bearing a CE marking that assures quality and safety
  • Medium size fits a wide range of hand sizes

Each pair of gloves is individually sterilized and packed, maintaining the utmost cleanliness and convenience for every use. They are certified by CE and meet EN-455 standards, further attesting to their superior quality and safety.

Usage Instructions

Each glove is designed for single-use to ensure safety and efficiency at all times. Before and after each usage, make sure to cleanse your hands thoroughly. Check the integrity of the package before use. Our gloves provide a comfortable fit, helping doctors perform their tasks with confidence.

Storage Information

To maintain quality, keep the gloves stored in their original packaging away from sunlight and humidity. This will help to preserve their performance and durability. Our gloves also feature in our Obstetric and Midwifery Kits, providing healthcare professionals with an efficient and handy solution for their daily needs.


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