High-Quality Exam Gloves - Latex, Powder-Free, Large Size | Optimized Safety for Medical Procedures

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Product description:

Ensure absolute safety with our premium, anti-allergenic, powder-free, Large Latex Examination Gloves. Suited for diverse medical procedures, these gloves fit either hand perfectly and provide utmost protection and sanitation for both patients and healthcare personnel. Each box delivers 100 single-use gloves.

  • Ambidextrous Engineering: Suits either hand perfectly.
  • Premier Natural Latex: Offers robustness and sustainability.
  • Powder-Free: Eliminates potential skin irritation.
  • CE Certified: Complies with EN-455 standards.
  • Optimal Size: Measures about 230mm length and 110mm palm width.

Each box, containing 100 gloves, depicts the manufacturer’s name, product reference, and expiry date for enhanced dependability.

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High-Quality Exam Gloves - Latex, Powder-Free, Large Size, Pack of 100 | Ensuring Optimum Safety in Medical Procedures

Discover the epitome of protection with our high-grade, latex, powder-free examination gloves. These gloves serve as your ultimate shield during medical procedures, ensuring both patient and healthcare provider safety with maximum precaution against cross-contamination.

Product Features

  • Embrace the comfort and precision of our ambidextrous design, which fits either hand flawlessly.
  • Experience fortified protection with our durable and robust gloves, manufactured from high-class natural latex.
  • Our gloves are powder-free to minimize dust contamination thereby guaranteeing a pristine working environment.
  • Non-sterile design makes it an ideal choice for non-surgical procedures.
  • With a CE marking, our gloves confirm to the stringent EN-455 standards, ensuring optimal safety.
  • Dimensions: Our gloves measure approximately 230mm in length with a 110mm palm width, ensuring complete forearm coverage.
  • Surface thickness is greater than or equal to 0.08mm at fingertips, providing exemplary touch sensitivity.

Package & Storage

Each glove package includes 100 gloves, with clear markings of manufacturer details, product reference, and more importantly, the expiration date. Always store the gloves in the original package, away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Usage Guidelines

Our gloves are designed strictly for single-use, providing an indispensable ally for medical professionals to prevent cross-contamination. Remember to wash hands before and after usage to maintain good hygiene.

Safety Tailored for You

When it comes to seeking unparalleled protection and safety, our high-quality latex examination gloves are your go-to option. Step up your protection game and bring assurance home today.

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