Top-Grade Glass Enamelled Mixing Vessel with Advance Mechanical Seal - Guaranteeing HG/T2057-2003 Compliance

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High-Quality Glass Enamelled Mixing Vessel – HG/T2057-2003 Compliant

Presenting a top-grade Glass Enamelled Mixing Vessel specifically devised for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries. It features an effective Mechanical Seal offering reliable substance containment and eliminating risk of contamination.

  • Top-Grade Enamelled Glass: Ensures durability and robust performance for a range of industrial applications.
  • Mechanical Seal: Provides enhanced security to prevent any contaminations.
  • Compliance with HG/T2057-2003: Offers dependability and adherence to industry-wide standards.
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Top-Quality Glass Enamelled Mixing Vessel with Mechanical Seal - Exemplifying Standards of HG/T2057-2003 Compliance

Unlock a new level of productivity for your industry operations with our premium Top-Quality Glass Enamelled Mixing Vessel. This cutting-edge technology complies strictly with the HG/T2057-2003 standard, offering unrivalled performance, safety, and efficiency that cater to a multitude of industry needs, maritime to pharmaceutical to food processing.

Built with meticulous craftsmanship, it integrates a sophisticated mechanical seal system that guarantees secure containment for your applications. The vessel’s exterior, composed of first-rate glass enamel, is not just visually striking but also extends its lifespan, ensuring steady service for years.

Key Features

  • Superior Durability: Crafted with high-class glass enamel, this mixing vessel delivers outstanding resistance against wear, safeguarding your investment.
  • Secure Containment: Equipped with an advanced mechanical seal system, it ensures safe and reliable containment of contents.
  • Global Compliance: This mixing vessel is a testament to our adherence to stringent industry standards, specifically HG/T2057-2003.
  • Wide-Ranging Utility: With its flexible design, it serves diverse sectors like chemical production, food processing, and pharmaceuticals effectively.


  • Material: Industry-Leading Glass Enamel
  • Sealing Mechanism: Mechanical
  • Compliance: HG/T2057-2003

Purchasing our Glass Enamelled Mixing Vessel is a strategic move towards safer, more efficient operations tailored to industry-specific demands. Please note, product samples are currently not available.

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