GHL High-Speed Mixing Granulator for Superior Powder Mixing and Granulation

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GHL High-Speed Mixing Granulator: Your Key to Quick and Efficient Powder Mixing and Granulation

An ideal solution for various industries, this multipurpose GHL High-Speed Mixing Granulator ensures fast powder mixing and granulation without any dead corners. Designed with a sensible horizontal barrel structure, it delivers quality performance consistently.

  • Efficiency: Achieve dry mixing in 2 minutes and granulation within 1 minute.
  • Consistency: Enables uniform granules, ensuring ideal fluidization for tablet processing.
  • Economy: Consumes 25% less binder and guarantees faster drying time—manifesting tangibly in your cost savings and resource optimization.
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Superior Efficiency in Powder Mixing and Granulation with the GHL High-Speed Mixing Granulator

Welcome the new era of granulation and powder mixing efficiency, courtesy of the cutting-edge GHL High-Speed Mixing Granulator. Specially tailored for various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food production, and chemical operations, this multifaceted equipment promises to revolutionize the way you operate. Its holistic design capabilities include swift and efficient mixing and granulating processes, further elevating productivity inflows.

Intricately developed and refined while considering the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, the GHL High-Speed Mixing Granulator is the herald of a seamlessly operating, fully sealed, and contamination-free environment. Its signature horizontal barrel design is devoid of any hindering dead angles, endorsing a flawless operation.

Key Features:

  • Incredibly energetically efficient with a marked reduction in granulating time, accelerating production outputs while drastically saving energy.
  • Ability to produce homogeneous granules with unprecedented fluidization, rendering them perfect for tablet processing applications.
  • Efficient use of binder, requiring up to 25% less than conventional procedures while hastening drying time, making the granulator eco-friendly.
  • Revolutionary design enables dry mixing in only 2 minutes and granulation within a concise 1-minute timeframe.
  • Guaranteed consistency in mixing despite differences in gravity between the main and excipient materials, completely eliminating the risk of delamination.

Manufacturing and Shipping:

  • Constructed with meticulous precision in China.
  • Capable of producing up to 20 units every month.
  • Shipments are painstakingly documented and securely crated in wooden cases to ensure complete protection during transit.
  • Lead manufacturing time post receiving an advance payment is typically around 45 days.
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