Genscreen Ultra HIV Ag/Ab ELISA Kit: Superior Diagnostic Solution for Accurate HIV Detection

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Genscreen Ultra HIV Ag/Ab ELISA Kit: A sophisticated diagnostic tool specialising in HIV detection. Its high efficiency and accuracy make swift diagnosis possible.

  • Functionality: Qualitative detection of HIV p24 antigen and HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies.
  • Technology: Equipped with technologically advanced Enzyme Immunoassay.
  • Format: Provided as 480-tests microtitre plate.
  • Efficiency: Features 100% sensitivity and 99.75% specificity to assure dependable results.
  • Components: Comprises coated wells, concentrated washing solution, controls, conjugate, chromogen, stopping solution, and detailed usage instructions.
  • Storage Requirements: Must be stored at 2-8°C, in lows of humidity and away from direct sunlight. Freezing of reagents is not recommended.
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The Genscreen Ultra HIV Ag/Ab ELISA Kit offers an innovative solution with its superior enzyme immunoassay technology specifically designed for operational excellence in laboratory settings. This reliable diagnostic kit is developed to deliver accurate and efficient detection of HIV p24 antigen, HIV-1 (groups M and O) and HIV-2 antibodies.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes sophisticated enzyme immunoassay technology for unparalleled performance, ensuring accuracy in HIV Ag and HIV Ab screening procedures.
  • Generously provides 480 tests in a user-friendly Microtitre plate format, offering a reliable solution for large scale screening.
  • Compatible with both Serum and Plasma samples, thus accommodating diverse testing requirements.
  • Requires a minimal sample volume of 75µl per test, maximizing efficiencies and resource utilization.
  • Ensures an exceptional 100% sensitivity rate and a 99.75% specificity rate, setting a high standard for accuracy.
  • Rapid test results attainable within 3 hours, significantly streamlining laboratory workflows.
  • Comprehensive kit including coated wells, washing solution, controls, and other necessary components required for testing.
  • Kit preservation requirements are straightforward: store the kit between 2-8°C away from humidity and direct light to maintain its integrity. Freezing of reagents is not recommended.

Professional use of the Genscreen Ultra HIV Ag/Ab ELISA Kit demands adherence to the provided testing procedures to attain optimal results. The testing process will need a few additional materials like distilled or deionised water, sodium hypochlorite, and sodium bicarbonate along with other laboratory apparatus. Adopting sound laboratory practices while handling and using this kit are vital to safety and effective outcomes.

Trust the Genscreen Ultra HIV Ag/Ab ELISA Kit for its blend of precision, efficiency and rapid responses in HIV diagnostic procedures.

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