GeneXpert IV with Laptop and Starter Kit: Advanced PCR Technology Diagnostic Analyzer

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The GeneXpert IV with Laptop and Starter Kit is an innovative diagnostic analyzer utilizing high-level PCR technology, optimized for rapid detection of HIV-1. Engineered for laboratories and research facilities, this reliable system assures result delivery in just 86 minutes. The user-friendly touchscreen interface boosts easy control, while its recommended storage condition of 2-28u00b0C ensures an 8-month lifespan of efficient performance. The package stands out with a startup kit, an accompanying laptop, and a multilingual guide for ease of usage across diverse linguistic backgrounds. Excludes superfluous supplier data and trivial product specifics.

  • Technology: High-tech Real-time reverse transcriptase PCR
  • Detection: Specialized for HIV-1 diagnosis
  • Accessibility: Color touchscreen and multilingual guide
  • Storage: Optimal preservation at 2-28u00b0C for 8 months
  • Inclusion: Complete with startup kit and laptop
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GeneXpert IV with Laptop and Starter Kit: Groundbreaking Diagnostic Analyzer for Advanced PCR Technology

The GeneXpert IV, a top-tier offering by Cepheid, revolutionizes scientific analysis with the incorporation of sophisticated, real-time PCR technology. This state-of-the-art diagnostic system, along with a user-friendly laptop and a Starter Kit, paves the way for accurate, detail-oriented testing across a variety of analyses.

Key Features:

  • Compact, integrated diagnostic system weighing just 24kg, laptop included.
  • Operational range between 15-30°C for optimal results.
  • Highly resilient, with the capacity to function between 10-95% relative humidity without condensation.
  • Power requirement of 220-240V with a frequency of 50-60Hz. An independent UPS for surge protection is advised.
  • Comprehensive communication interfaces that include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB.
  • A two-year warranty, ensuring a hassle-free use.

Unrivalled Performance:

The impressive range of 40-10,000,000 copies per mL offered by GeneXpert IV assures far-reaching testing coverage. Capable of processing up to 20 samples per operator in a typical 8-hour day, this system delivers results in approximately 86 minutes per test. With outputs ranging from precise HIV-1 Detection to Error, Invalid, and No Result signals, it significantly surpasses the competition.

User-Friendly Attributes:

A vibrant color touchscreen displays critical data such as the system status, ongoing analysis, system issues, battery life, and patient results. Configure access levels easily with available administrative privileges.

Dedicated Quality Assurance:

Quality control is a cornerstone of the GeneXpert IV design. The integrated printer, probe-check controls, and annual user calibrations all contribute towards an unsurpassable quality assurance.

Inclusive Package:

The package comes with a GeneXpert IV analyzer with a 2-year warranty, a tutorial DVD, quick reference guide, training modules, connecting cables, and multilingual instructions. Users need to buy consumables such as disposable gloves and antiseptic swabs separately. The optimal storage and transit temperatures range between 10-40°C with protection against humidity and sunlight. Please consult the enclosed MSDS for safety information.

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