GeneXpert IV UPS for Uninterrupted Power Supply—Keep Your Workflow Streamlining

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Product: The GeneXpert IV UPS is a high-performance power solution engineered specifically for the GeneXpert IV kit, operating at a strong power rating of 420VA/294W with online efficiency of 93%.

  • Key Features: Guaranteed quick transfer time of 4ms, backup time of 4 to 6 minutes at full load, and user hot-swappable internal batteries.
  • Design: Optimized for space utilization with a mountable design, accompanies illustrated English instruction manual, and provides necessary connecting cables.
  • Safety: Contains minimum levels of specific hazardous materials; manufacturer’s MSDS provides detailed safety information.
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Ensure Continuous Power with GeneXpert IV UPS for Optimal Workflow

The GeneXpert IV Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is a top-tier power solution meticulously engineered to continue delivering power to your GeneXpert IV Starter Kit seamlessly. Equipped with a compelling power supply rating of 420/294 VA/Watts, this UPS prioritizes your productivity by extending your devices' longevity, thus ensuring that your dynamic workspace never faces a power outage.

Unmatched Features of GeneXpert IV UPS

  • Superior Performance: Renders consistent power of 420/294 VA/Watts, prolonging your device's lifespan and maintaining a smooth workflow.
  • Highly Efficient: Runs at 93% operational efficiency to significantly cut down power consumption and save energy costs.
  • Instant Reaction: Instantaneously transfers power within 4ms, eliminating loss of productivity due to power failures.
  • Safety-first Approach: Provides a robust backup time of 4-6 minutes at full load—a cushion of time that secures your essential work from abrupt shutdowns.
  • Broad Compatibility: Comes with a DB9 and USB interface, accommodating various devices in your workspace.
  • Convenient Design: The compact and wall-mountable design fits even in tight workspaces and offers high performance.
  • Eco-friendly Power Source: It's equipped with hot-swappable, quick-to-recharge batteries, thus endorsing sustainable practices.
  • Robust Adaptability: Performs impeccably and adapts to a wide array of environmental conditions, including high altitudes to dampened locations.

Precautions for Storage and Transport

To uphold the GeneXpert IV UPS's superior performance, it must be stored and transported at a temperature range between 2-30u00b0C. Be sure to refer to the manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete instructions on safe handling as the UPS incorporates hazardous materials in limited quantities.

Compact and Efficient

Despite providing optimal power, the space-efficient UPS weighs approximately 22kg and has a volume of 0.04 cdm, easily fitting into your workspace.

Package Inclusions

  • The GeneXpert IV UPS unit, accompanied with power supply rating of 420/294 VA/Watts
  • Connecting cables to simplify setup and connectivity
  • Comprehensive English instruction manual for clear installation and usage guide
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