GeneXpert IV Travel Case | Secure & Efficient Clinical Equipment Transport Solution

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Efficiently and securely transport your clinical equipment with the GeneXpert IV Travel Case. Designed explicitly for the GeneXpert IV, it guarantees optimal protection and orderliness of your apparatus during transit.

  • Precisely tailored for both laptop and desktop variants of GeneXpert IV.
  • Composed of sturdy, top-grade plastic material with shock-absorbing properties.
  • Capacious compartments to conveniently store the device, laptop, cabling, barcode readers, and manuals.
  • Features wheels and securely closing latches for secure and effortless transportation.
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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Experience the ultimate blend of longevity, performance, and convenience with our premium GeneXpert IV Travel Case. Designed for the secure transportation of clinical diagnostic equipment, this hard-bodied case delivers uncompromising protection and optimal organization for your medical devices. Whether you're in-transit or on-site, you can rely on our case for impressively practical logistics and unruffled diagnostics.

This superior travel case is exclusively built to house both the laptop and desktop versions of the GeneXpert IV. The high-impact plastic construction offers maximum shock absorption and the utmost in impact resistance, making it ideal for safeguarding your invaluable medical equipment. Utmost care in crafting this case ensures the safety and security of your diagnostic apparatus.

  • Specially designed for the GeneXpert IV desktop and laptop versions to ensure a perfect fit
  • Composed of high-impact plastic ensuring robust protection and durability
  • Incorporates dedicated compartments for systematic storage and easy accessibility
  • Interior lined with foam that grants additional shock absorption protecting the equipment from unforeseen damage
  • Comes with built-in wheels and secure latches for ease of mobility and locked-in safety
  • Conveniently sized with a weight of 16kg and a volume of 0.343 cdm for easy transportation and storage

Invest in the GeneXpert IV Travel Case and redirect your efforts where they matter most: ensuring diagnostic precision and reliable results. Opt for security, functionality, and peace of mind as you transition seamlessly between venues in your diagnostic practice.

Product Reference: 301-0177

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