GeneXpert HIV-1 Qual EID Cartridge Kit: Precise HIV-1 Detection Solution

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GeneXpert HIV-1 Qual EID Cartridge Kit: Optimal Solution for Accurate HIV-1 Detection

An exceptional in-vitro diagnostic tool, the GeneXpert HIV-1 Qual EID Cartridge Kit, exclusively designed for detecting HIV-1 nucleic acid in dried and whole blood samples. Optimally compatible with the GeneXpert Instrument System.

  • Superior Accuracy: Delivers precise HIV-1 detection across various age brackets, boasting a minimal invalid rate of only 2.2%.
  • Single-Use Cartridge: Greatly reduces contamination risks and perfectly pairs with GeneXpert IV starter kits.
  • All-Inclusive Package: Equipped with all necessary reagents, transfer micropipettes, and an easy-to-follow user-guide CD.
  • Special Storage Instructions: Store kit in a cool, dry place, between 2-28°C, ensuring it is kept out of direct sunlight.
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GeneXpert HIV-1 Qual EID Cartridge Kit: A Top-Tier Solution for Accurate HIV-1 Detection

Improve efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in your HIV-1 testing protocol with the revolutionary GeneXpert HIV-1 Qual EID Cartridge Kit. Engineered for precise detection of HIV-1 in human whole blood and DBS (Dried Blood Spot) samples, this advanced diagnostic tool is crucial for any laboratory, clinic, or hospital setting. When used with the separate GeneXpert Dx System or GeneXpert Infinity Systems, results of HIV testing are significantly improved.

Exceptional Key Features

  • Single-Use Testing Cartridges: Each cartridge is designed for one-time use, enhancing test precision and preventing contamination. The cartridges work flawlessly with GeneXpert IV starter kits, ensuring smooth testing operations.
  • Precise Results & Broad Utility: The kit can yield highly accurate results from just 1mL of plasma in EDTA, EDTA-PPT, or ACD coagulant, for both adult and infant samples. The invalid rate is remarkably low at 2.2%, underpinning accurate readings on every occasion.
  • Innovative & Comprehensive Set: Every kit features ten Xpert HIV-1 Qual Assay cartridges, ten disposable 1mL transfer pipettes, ten HIV-1 Qual Assay Sample Reagent Sets, ten disposable 100 μL transfer micropipettes, and an easy-to-understand user manual. This holistic package includes all necessary tools for a successful testing process.
  • Flexibility & Storage: The kit offers a 12-month shelf-life from the production date, ideal for storage at temperatures between 2–8°C in a low humidity, non-illuminated environment. Its broad application spectrum ensures compatibility with various testing needs.
  • User-friendly Guide: The accompanied user manual ensures optimal performance and precise outputs, thereby maximizing the benefits of the kit.

Multiply the effectiveness of your diagnostic capabilities with the GeneXpert HIV-1 Qual EID Cartridge Kit – a state-of-the-art testing tool for reliable and swift HIV-1 detection.

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