Premium Portable Petrol Generator - Minimal Space, Maximum Power

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Experience uncompromised power with the Portable Petrol Generator – Air Cooled, offering a superior 1kVA, and 60Hz performance. This robust device is perfect for a wide range of applications, delivering reliable and high-output power. Its engine operates on a single-phase 230V, meeting UL 2200, EPA emissions, stationary emergency, 40CFR60, and NFPA110 standards.

  • Efficient Operation: Guarantees a run-time of 8 continuous hours at rated capacity.
  • Special Features: Provides DC Output for up to 12 A battery charging and supports parallel operation.
  • Ultimate Safe Guard: Fitted with noise insulation, automatic shut down facility and boasts an ergonomic design for user protection.
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Portable Petrol Generator - Unprecedented Power Anywhere You Go

When durability meets efficiency, you get the Portable Petrol Generator - Air-Cooled, 1kVA, 60Hz. An ideal solution for all your power needs, this exceptional generator is perfectly suited for diverse environments, be it home, outdoors, or construction sites.

Compact Size, Uncompromised Power

Equipped with a power rating of 1kVA, this generator steers with an output between 800-900 Watts. It operates at a consistent single-phase 230V power supply at 60Hz, prioritizing uninterrupted power supply without compromising on quality or capacity.

Highly Mobile

Carrying this generator around is never a hustle. The lightweight and compact design, coupled with an ergonomic handle and trolley with wheels or a sturdy steel skid, makes mobility a breeze.

Uninterrupted Power Support

Say goodbye to power interruption. Our generator, with an inbuilt fuel tank, promises a steady power supply for up to 8 hours at rated capacity and accommodates parallel operation for expanded power output when need.

Advanced Features

  • Noise Insulation System: Ensuring quiet operation
  • DC Output Capacity: Enables battery charging
  • NEMA 5-20R, 20 Amp waterproof socket outlets: Catering to diverse power needs

Emphasizing Safety

The built-in automatic shutdown system senses low oil pressure, overheating, or overspeed to protect both the device and users, making safety a priority.

Unmatched Quality & Compliance

Abide by UL 2200, EPA emissions, stationary emergency, and 40CFR60 standards, this generator ensures optimal performance and utmost safety.

Bonus Offerings

With optional accessories like cables for DC outlets, a cover for the generator, parallel cables, spare parts service kit, and multilingual user manuals, we ensure a smooth experience.

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