Portable Petrol-Driven 1kVA Air Cooled Generator - Mobile Power Solution

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Portable Petrol-Driven 1kVA Air Cooled Generator – Reliable Mobile Power Solution

  • Efficiency: Offers compact, mobile, and self-sustaining power supply
  • Power Output: 1kVA at single-phase 230V, 50Hz via petrol engine, alternator, and control system
  • Noise Reduction: Integrated sound-damping muffler ensures quiet operation
  • Parallel Capability: Synchronous operation for enhanced power requirements
  • Versatility: Support for DC output and battery charging, features NEMA 5-20R, 20Amp waterproof sockets
  • Safety Standards: Complies to UL 2200, NFPA110, and EPA for assured safety and eco-friendliness
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Portable Petrol-Driven 1kVA Air Cooled Generator - Your Reliable Mobile Power Solution

Meet our Portable Petrol-Driven Generator Set - 1kVA, 50Hz, Air Cooled: the unparalleled solution for your mobile power needs. Expertly engineered, it combines a petrol engine, alternator, control panel, starting mechanisms and fuel tank to serve as your compact, portable powerhouse for a multitude of power needs.

Mighty Performance

  • Prime power output meets stringent ISO8528 standards.
  • Delivers a robust capability of 1kVA, equating to 800-900 watts.
  • Operates smoothly with 230 V single-phase, 50Hz requirements.
  • Handles a 10% overload capacity for one hour within 12-hour operations.

Ingenious Design & Enhanced Functionality

  • Compact design and lightweight for effortless transportation and storage.
  • Can be mounted on a trolley or a sturdy steel skid for adaptability.
  • In-building noise insulation system, inclusive of a soundproof muffler ensuring quiet operations.
  • Connect parallelly with another unit for amplified power.
  • Incorporates a 12 A DC Output for battery charging.
  • Equipped with NEMA 5-20R, 20 Amp waterproof socket outlets for increased safety.

Reliable Compliance

  • Absolute alignment with compliance statutes, including UL 2200 and EPA emissions for increased safety.
  • Adheres to NFPA110, showcasing our commitment to safety and eco-responsibility.

Additional Features & Accessories

  • Includes a comprehensive operating and service manual for user ease.
  • Constructed with integrated fuel tank offering 8 hours of operation at rated capacity.
  • Automatic shutdown feature for added safety.
  • Accompanied by optional accessories to choose from: DC Outlet Cables, Generator Cover, Parallel Cables, Spare parts service kit, Addition language manuals provided separately.

Versatile Alternatives

If you need a generator for different frequency needs, consider the equivalent air-cooled, 1kVA generator model operating at 60Hz.


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