50kVA Diesel Generator with Water Cooling - Efficient & Reliable Power Solution

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Experience robust, dependable power with the 50kVA Diesel Generator with Water Cooling. Engineered for high efficiency, this generator features efficient 1800rpm synchronous speed and delivers a 50kVA output for maximum productivity. With enhanced safety parameters, it offers automatic shutdown in critical situations. A full 8-hour operation ensures uninterrupted service.

  • Long-lasting – 8 hours of uninterrupted operation at full capacity.
  • Efficient – Synchronous speed of 1800rpm for optimized fuel consumption.
  • Safe – Auto-shutdown for critical parameters enhancing safety.
  • Comprehensive Package – Includes operation manuals, a toolbox, and spares necessary for up to 2000 operational hours.
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50kVA Diesel Generator with Water Cooling - A Premier Power Supply Solution

Introducing the 50kVA Diesel Generator with Water Cooling - a superior, reliable, and highly efficient power supply solution fine-tuned to meet your diverse energy needs. Excelling at durability, performance, and cost-effectiveness, this generator is devised aligning to international standards and excels at providing continuous, unflinching operational support.

Unmatched Power Performance and Efficiency

Situated at the core of this energy solution is a robust diesel generator that delivers a rated power of 50kVA and 40.0KW, offering 220V phase-to-phase and 127V phase to neutral supply of voltage. Its formidable diesel engine delivers a synchronous speed of up to 1800rpm, supporting consistent power access for both residential and commercial establishments.

Fuel Economy and Longlasting Service

This superior 50kVA Diesel Generator is engineered with an integrated fuel tank that enables eight hours of uninterrupted operation at full capacity. In other words, it assures a practical fuel consumption rate while ensuring your power needs are adequately fulfilled.

Safeguarding your Power Supply

Your safety is a paramount feature of our generator. This efficient power generating device is fortified with an automatic main circuit breaker and change over switch. This crucial addition is designed to offer the ultimate protection against power overloads that could potentially harm your electric appliances. The generator incorporates an auto shutdown feature for fatal parameters to protect the generator itself from any damage.

Solid Construction and Additional Perks

This spectacular 50kVA Generator comes with a common rigid base frame ensuring unparalleled stability. Complementary to the full package is an operations and maintenance manual, a tool kit, spare parts enough to cover 2000 hours of operation, offering a seamless user experience.

360° Energy Solution

Expand your power supply with our additional products, including the Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Canopy for Diesel Generator, extra fuel tank, trailer mounting, earth connection for Diesel Generator, and a range of other accessories and spare parts. Each product is scrupulously designed to facilitate a comprehensive power solution.

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