High-Performance 500kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator for Uninterrupted Power Supply

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High-Performance 500kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator

This dependable generator provides steady power with a robust, water-cooled 500kVA, 60Hz diesel engine. Ideal for demanding conditions, it delivers continual high-performance operation and outstanding reliability.

  • Water-Cooled Engine: Ensures efficient functioning up to 1800rpm.
  • Large Integrated Fuel Tank: Guarantees 8 full-load operational hours.
  • Automatic Shutdown: Safeguards from damage by stopping operations when reaching critical limits.
  • Anti-Vibration Dampers: Enhances durability by reducing vibration for engine and alternator.
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Premium Quality 500kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator for Uninterrupted Power Supply

Introducing our high-performance 500kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator, ideal for providing reliable and steady power in demanding situations such as major events, multiple industrial applications, and construction sites.

  • Robust Engine Design:

    Designed to function flawlessly, the water-cooled diesel engine operates at a synchronous speed of 1800rpm. The combination of a superior speed governor, heavy-duty air cartridge filter, external fuel filter, and cartridge oil filter ensures optimal purity and efficiency.

  • Large Fuel Capacity:

    The integrated fuel tank design enables unbroken operation for up to 8 hours at full capacity, eliminating the risk of power shortage interruptions.

  • Superior Alternator:

    Equipped with an efficient air-cooled, brushless alternator, the generator ensures stable power output, even during load fluctuations thanks to a rapid automatic voltage regulator.

  • Convenient Control Panel:

    The user-friendly control panel offers simple monitoring and control, inclusive of an automatic main circuit breaker, a changeover switch, emergency stop button, along with operational parameter measurement meters.

  • Advanced Safety Measures:

    The generator is designed with an automatic shutdown feature for engine protection when critical parameters are exceeded, resulting in improved operational safety and longer machine lifespan.

  • Minimal Vibration:

    Achieve quieter operation and longer lifespan with anti-vibration dampers for the engine and alternator, heavy-duty elastic coupling, and a rigid common base frame.

  • Compliance and Support:

    Every generator unit complies with international standards and is extensively tested before delivery. Included with your purchase are operation and maintenance manuals, toolkits, and spare parts enough for 2000 hours of operation. We offer optional customizable accessories to accommodate your specific requirements.

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