40kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator: Ultimate Solution for Uninterrupted, High-Quality Power Supply

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Product: 40kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator – Uninterrupted, High-Quality Power Supply

  • Reliable Powerhouse: High-powered 40kVA, 60Hz diesel engine, equipped with an efficient water-cooling mechanism.
  • Optimum Efficiency: Water-cooled diesel engine guarantees peak performance and longer engine life.
  • Safety Standard: Automated main circuit breaker, a changeover switch, and automated shutdown equipment for superior protection.
  • Complete Package: Includes operation manual, maintenance guide, spare parts catalogues, and a toolkit for simple installation and maintenance.
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Revolutionize Your Power Supply with the 40kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator

Welcome to the ultimate solution for all your power needs – the 40kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator. This product's distinctive design embodies the principles of longevity, efficiency, and reliability, making it perfect for meeting commercial, industrial, and residential power requirements. With its exceptional features and extensive benefits, it ensures an uninterrupted, high-quality power supply with optimal operational longevity.

Superior Features and Unmatched Efficiency

  • This powerful generator is equipped with 40kVA, ensuring continuous operation of your systems, making it an essential backup power solution.
  • The superior water-cooled diesel engine regulates optimal operating temperatures, adding longevity to your generator's life, and decreases instances of overheating.
  • State-of-the-art tropical radiator and distilled water cooling system provide longer service life and bolster overall efficiency, maintaining optimal performance regardless of extreme weather or intensive use.
  • The air-cooled and brushless synchronous alternator delivers consistent and precise power output, eliminating the risk of power drops or voltage fluctuations.
  • An integrated fuel tank ensures 8-hour operation at rated capacity, providing an extended power supply and reduced interruptions due to frequent refueling.
  • Attached automatic shutdown equipment offers protection against potential electrical faults, thus adding an extra layer of safety.

Product Specifications

  • Rated Power: 40kVA, 32.0KW, 220V Phase to Phase, 127V Phase to Neutral, 3 Phase 60Hz – providing substantial power to support a variety of electrical devices.
  • Synchronous speed of up to 1800rpm for faster and more efficient operations.
  • A heavy-duty, water-cooled diesel engine with a speed governor for controlled operations, guaranteeing minimal wear and tear and reduced maintenance.
  • An integrated fuel tank for an uninterrupted power supply, ensuring every operation's successful execution.

Included Accessories for Complete Assistance

  • Comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals for guided usage and troubleshooting.
  • A detailed spare parts catalogues, mechanical drawings, and erection information for easy reference and resilience in the face of technical challenges.
  • An immediate repair tool kit that includes pipe spanners for injectors.
  • A set of spare parts for up to 2000 hours of operation, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and enhancing the product's lifespan.

The 40kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator, designed to align with international standards, undergoes rigorous factory testing to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. Enhance productivity by considering accessories like the Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), and additional fuel tanks.


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