Reliable 30kVA Diesel Generator | High-Performance Water-Cooled 60Hz Power Solution

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Product: Reliable 30kVA Diesel Generator | Exceptional Water-Cooled 60Hz Power Solution. This is a dependable power solution, with a high-performance diesel engine and significant fuel efficiency due to its 0.8 power factor. The generator can operate continuously for 8 hours, and its water-cooled system makes it adaptable to different conditions.

  • Dependable Power Source: High-performance diesel engine that ensures reliability.
  • Fuel Efficient: Decreased fuel consumption thanks to 0.8 power factor.
  • Long-Lasting: Can run non-stop for 8 hours, thanks to the built-in fuel tank.
  • Adaptable: Water-cooled system for varied environments.
  • Safety Feature: Comes with an automatic shutdown system.

Comes with a full set of spare parts and a toolkit for any necessary adjustments or repairs.

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The Reliable 30kVA Diesel Generator | Exceptional Water-Cooled 60Hz Power Solution sits at the pinnacle of power solutions, characterized by its exceptional reliability, remarkable performance, and impressive durability. This masterpiece is your ultimate power solution, engineered for a wide array of applications ranging from industrial and commercial to residential settings.

  • Superior Diesel Engine: The generator is equipped with a robust engine designed to provide flawless performance even under the most stressful conditions. This minimized downtime and maximizes productivity, making it a reliable companion in your power needs.
  • Advancements in Cooling: Thanks to its integrated state-of-the-art coolant technology, it provides optimal temperature control, thereby enhancing the lifespan of your generator. Rest assured that longevity is part of its design.
  • Unmatched Efficiency: With a power factor as high as 0.8, the generator promises not just high fuel efficiency but also minimal emissions. It's a pivot towards greener power solutions without compromising efficacy.
  • Premium Air Filtration: The included heavy-duty air filter ensures the cleanliness of your engine by effectively blocking the dust, thus optimizing engine performance.
  • Long Operational Hours: The integrated fuel tank offers up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation, freeing you from the inconveniences of frequent refuelling.
  • Enduring Alternator: The generator is fitted with a dynamic, air-cooled, and brushless alternator. Long-term efficiency and durability are guaranteed.
  • Convenient Auto Features: Enjoy convenient usage with the incorporation of user-friendly automated features. These include a main circuit breaker and auto-shutdown feature, ensuring safety and ease of use.
  • Power Rating Details: Packing a powerful punch, the generator offers 30kVA or 24.0KW power, 220V Phase to Phase, and 127V Phase to Neutral. It's truly a one-size-fits-all solution for diverse power needs.
  • All-inclusive Accessory Kit: The set is inclusive of essential accessories such as operation manuals, maintenance parts that are anticipated for 2000 hours of operation, backup switches, sensors, and a toolkit.

In addition, the product can be enriched with numerous valuable add-ons including Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Canopy for the generator, enhanced fuel tank, and trailer mounting among others.

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