High-Performance 25kVA Diesel Generator: Efficient, Reliable, and Long-Lasting Power Supply

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High-Performance 25kVA Diesel Generator – Your Solution For Continuous Power Supply

With the High-Performance 25kVA Diesel Generator, you are guaranteed a steady and reliable power supply suitable for a wide array of applications. Suitable for industrial, construction, and commercial uses, this generator provides:

  • Reliable Power Delivery: Offers 25kVA power output
  • Efficient Diesel Engine: Designed for longevity with heavy-duty and water-cooled specifications
  • Optimal Speed Regulation: Ensures efficient power stability
  • Constructed with Integrated Fuel Tank and Air Filter: Enhances efficiency and increases generator lifespan
  • Complete with Alternator and Panel Board: Allows effortless control and monitoring of voltage
  • Added Safety Measures: Automatic Shutdown-Protection feature enhances safety
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High-Performance 25kVA Diesel Generator - Your Solution For Dependable Power Supply

Acquire a reliable power source that transcends competition with our top-tier 25kVA diesel generator. Engineered for industrial strength, it is the epitome of efficiency and endurance, showcasing robustness and superior performance that rises to every occasion.

  • Highly Independent: It encompasses an all-inclusive system for independent operation including a durable diesel engine, high-quality alternator, an integrated fuel tank and a user-friendly control panel.
  • Peak Performance: With a laudable 25kVA rated power and 20.0KW output, this generator provides steady 220V Phase to Phase and 127V Phase to Neural power. With a synchronous speed of 1800rpm, you can rely on steady performance.
  • Extended Use: It features a built-in fuel tank ensuring up to 8 hours of interrupted operation at rated capacity for enhanced productivity.
  • Safety-First Design: Equipped with an automatic shutdown system and a main circuit breaker to safeguard against low oil pressure, high engine temperature, over-speed and electrical anomalies.
  • Convenient and Mobile: The generator is fabricated on a sturdy base frame with anti-vibration dampers and lifting eyes for effortless transportation and installation.
  • Comprehensive Set: It also includes a complete set of manuals, tools, and additional spare parts for 2000 hours of operation, promising easy maintenance and longevity.

Perfect for commercial or industrial use, emergency backup power, or operations in inaccessible locales, let the power lie in your hands with our all-round 25kVA diesel generator. Invest today for an undefeatable and continuous power supply.

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