Robust 8kVA Diesel Generator Set – High-End Performance & Capability

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Robust 8kVA Diesel Generator Set – Unmatched Performance & Capability

  • Performace: Engineered for seamless, autonomous functioning with integrated control panel, starter device, and long-lasting fuel tank promising 8 hours of continuous, top-grade performance.
  • Safety: Safety-first design featuring automated shutdown mechanisms for major incident response and a skid-mounted layout for easy, efficient site transition.
  • Added Value: Package comprises operation manuals and essential spare parts spanning up to 2000 operational hours, affirming prolonged service and ease of use.
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The Robust 8kVA Diesel Generator Set is an exceptional amalgamation of high-grade technology and industry-specific pack-leading designs. This comprehensive generator system is capable of providing unfaltering, efficient performance tailored specifically to meet various applications and operation needs. Housed within this steadfast unit, you will find an efficient diesel engine, dynamic alternator, sophisticated control panel, adept starting equipment, and a durable fuel tank for autonomous operation. This generator set complies with international standards, assuring you of its outstanding robustness and automatic operational effectiveness.

  • Air-cooled generator set with an 8kVA, 60Hz rating, optimized for peak operation and long-lasting performance.
  • Supported by a robust heavy-duty diesel engine that can achieve synchronous speeds up to 1800rpm, ensuring continuous, high-speed performance.
  • Incorporates an advanced speed governor, coupled with an air cartridge filter, oil filter, and dedicated fuel filter for top-tier performance and reliability.
  • The generator's operation is assured for 8 consecutive hours at its full rated capacity by its built-in fuel tank.
  • A quick automatic voltage regulator partners with an air-cooled, synchronous, brushless alternator for consistent and reliable performance.

Adding to the unit's significant safety features, an automatic shutdown system is incorporated. This comes into effect instantaneously if fatal parameters are exceeded, further exemplifying our dedication to operational safety. Complete with a skid-mount design, this all-inclusive set assures ease of transportation and efficient usability.

  • The package includes comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals and a spare parts catalog coupled with a practical tool kit.
  • Our generator set comes equipped with spare parts to ensure 2000 hours of continuous, trouble-free operation.
  • A set of replacement switches/sensors for detecting fatal parameters is included, adding another layer to the machine's safety protocols.

Our generator set gives you the freedom to choose from an array of additional customizable options. These include but are not limited to, Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Canopy for Diesel Generator, Fuel Tank, Trailer Mounting, Earth Connection for Diesel Generator, Multilingual Manuals, and Flue Gas Emission Control Equipment. Our commitment to delivering a complete, optimized solution translates into efficient performance coupled with unrivaled capability.

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