Premium Air-Cooled 5kVA Diesel Generator | High-Efficiency Power Solution

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The Premium Air-Cooled 5kVA Diesel Generator is a high-quality power solution, delivering reliable 60Hz power. Engineered for peak efficiency and durability, its key features include:

  • Exceptional Engine Management: Diesel-based alternator and a control panel for unmatched performance.
  • High Power Capacity: Offers a robust power rating of 5kVA.
  • Efficient Cooling System: Advanced air-cooled technology for extended service life.
  • Durable Alternator: Brushless and air-cooled, ensuring stable power delivery.
  • Long Operational Span: Integrated fuel tank for 8-hour non-stop operation at rated capacity.

Constructed in accordance with international quality standards, it ensures dependable power supply.

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Premium Air-Cooled 5kVA Diesel Generator - Your Reliable 60Hz Power Solution

Experience comfort and convenience with our Premium Air-Cooled 5kVA Diesel Generator. A designed embodiment of quality and reliability, it is created to cater to varying power needs. The generator is an ideal power solution for commercial settings, construction operations, residential use, and emergency power back-up.

Key Features

  • High-Capacity Power Output: With a power output capacity of 5kVA (4.0KW), the diesel generator guarantees a continuous power supply. It adheres to the technical standards of 220V Phase to Phase and 127V Phase to Neutral, 3 Phase 60Hz.
  • Durability and Consistency: Built on robust and top-tier construction materials, it assures longevity and consistent performance. The engine speed can go up to 1800rpm with an air-cooled engine to maintain a stable power output.
  • All-Inclusive Operation: The generator contains an all-encompassing control panel, high-quality fuel tank, and internationally approved starting equipment which optimizes operational performance.
  • Reliable Performance: The fuel tank design allows it to run continuously for 8 hours at peak capacity with a quick refill mechanism and accurate fuel level indicator.
  • Advanced Control System: The integrated control panel includes cutting-edge features for emergency stop, high engine temperature and low oil pressure indicators, along with an automated fast voltage regulator.
  • Upgradeable: The generator provides extra customization options such as the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Additional Fuel Tank, and Emission Control Equipment.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Power Capacity: 5kVA / 4.0KW
  • Voltage output: 220V Phase to Phase, 127V Phase to Neutral, 3 Phase 60Hz
  • Design Type: Air Cooled
  • Engine Speed: Up to 1800rpm
  • Fuel Tank: Built to endure 8 hours of uninterrupted operation

Contact us for any specific requirements and additional component options that fit your personal needs perfectly.

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