30kVA Diesel Generator Set with Air Cooling and 60Hz Frequency - Uninterrupted Power Supply

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Introducing the 30kVA Diesel Generator Set with Air Cooling and 60Hz Frequency, a reliable and efficient power solution. This unit features a robust diesel engine with superior air cooling and cartridge filter technology, ensuring optimal performance. A residential silencer effectively reduces noise for quiet operation. The inclusion of a synchronous brushless alternator guarantees consistent power generation with an output of 30kVA at 60Hz. For safety, this product is rated Protection Class IP 23 and is equipped with an automatic shutdown system. The options for customization including Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) module and canopy availability add flexibility to suit your specific needs.

  • Robust Diesel Engine: Offers high efficiency with air cooling and cartridge filters
  • Noise Mitigation: Includes a residential silencer for quiet operations
  • Dependable Energy Solution: Expect consistent power output from its synchronous brushless alternator
  • Optimum Safety: Features Protection Class IP 23 and automatic shutdown system
  • Customizable Options: Covers offering like AMF module and canopy
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30kVA Diesel Generator Set with Air Cooling and 60Hz Frequency - Your Reliable Power Backup Solution

Introducing the 30kVA Diesel Generator Set with Air Cooling and 60Hz Frequency, a robust combination of power, efficiency and durability. Designed to provide an unwavering power output, this comprehensive solution meets all your power backup needs with utmost convenience and safety.

This remarkable generator set is a perfect blend of a high-performing diesel engine and an efficient AC generator. The plug-and-play control panel, the starting equipment, and a generously-sized fuel tank collectively ensure autonomous operations, minimizing the need for frequent interventions.

  • Power Capacity: Boasting a power capacity of 30kVA and 24KW, this diesel generator provides a consistent and stable power supply with voltage ratings of 220V Phase to Phase, and 127V Phase to Neutral. The 60Hz frequency allows steadiness in power output, preventing any supply disruptions.
  • Engine Performance: Equipped with an air-cartridge filter and an external fuel filter, the robust diesel engine efficiently enhances the combustion process, improves engine performance, and reduces excess fuel consumption.
  • Safety Measures: The generator comes with an automatic shutdown feature for enhanced user safety. Furthermore, the alternators are protected with IP23 class, ensuring uninterrupted operation under harsh conditions.
  • Accessory Kit: For a seamless user experience, the generator set is accompanied by comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals, detailed spare-parts catalogs, a useful tools kit, and spare parts to facilitate 2000 hours of operation.

Personalize your power solution with our array of enhancements. We offer options such as Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), canopy, Alternator upgrade, Trailer Mounting, Fuel Tank Enhancement, Earth Connection, multi-lingual manuals, Flue Gas Emission Control Equipment, and additional accessories/spare parts to align with your unique needs.

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