Reliable 25kVA 60Hz Air-Cooled Diesel Generator | High-Performance & Energy-Efficient Power Solution

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Reliable 25kVA 60Hz Air-Cooled Diesel Generator | High-Performance & Energy-Efficient Power Solution

An exceptionally robust diesel generator delivering 25kVA, equipped with an efficient air-cooled diesel engine for reliable power generation.

  • Engine & Assembly: Comprehensive package featuring the engine, alternator, fuel tank and control panel, all mounted on a convenient skid.
  • Safety Measures: Automatic shutdown system activated during adverse scenarios like elevated engine temperatures or low oil pressure.
  • Additional Features: Extra accessories include the Automatic Mains Failure and Automatic Transfer Switch, along with the option to mount on a trailer for increased mobility and safety.
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High-Performance 25kVA Diesel Generator - The Powerhouse of Efficiency and Reliability

Introducing the 25kVA 60Hz Air Cooled Diesel Generator, an embodiment of brilliant power solutions, meticulously designed to fulfil all your power requirements efficiently. This generator is a marvel of precision and technical expertise, committed to delivering superior and dependable performance.

Desirable Technical Features:

  • Renowned for exceptional fuel efficiency enabled by the robust, air-cooled diesel engine, ensuring stellar performance with low maintenance needs.
  • Provides an impressive rated power of 25kVA and a power factor of 0.8, making the generator versatile in various applications.
  • The smooth and stable output is guaranteed by the automatic fast voltage regulator ensuring unceasing operations.
  • Integral fuel tank furnishing up to 8 hours of non-stop operation, reducing the need for frequent refuelling.
  • Features a screen-protected synchronous alternator, functioning with air-cooled and brushless mechanisms.
  • The automatic main circuit breaker provides the module with essential safety against power discrepancies.
  • Convenient unit control with start and stop functions at the twist of a key.

Superior Safety, Assured:

Equipped with an automatic shutdown function, our generator is secured against potential damage from low oil pressure, high engine temperature, and over-speed. Alongside, comprehensive alarm systems are integrated, enabling meticulous monitoring of critical variables.

Additional Value:

  • Comes with comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals, offered in English.
  • Includes recommendations for spare parts required for the first 2000 hours of functioning.
  • Presents options for additional add-ons to cater to your unique generator needs.

Choose the 25kVA 60Hz Air-Cooled Diesel Generator for a proficient, advanced, and consistent power output. This robust unit is an ultimate powerhouse, capable of tackling optimum performance with upgraded features and durable build quality.

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