Reliable 20kVA 60Hz Diesel Air-Cooled Generator | Consistent Power Supply

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Reliable 20kVA 60Hz Diesel Air-Cooled Generator | Unwavering Power Supply: This durable generator with a self-contained power solution runs on a resilient diesel engine. It features a sturdy air-cooled synchronous alternator and an enduring 8-hour fuel tank. Advanced safety includes automated shutdown systems, and its user-friendly control board ensures uncomplicated operation. The package comes with handy extras such as spare parts, operation manuals, and options for additional fuel tank, trailer mounting, or canopy. Adherence to rigorous factory and international norms assures supreme quality.

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Unfaltering and Proficient 20kVA 60Hz Diesel Air-Cooled Generator

Stay powered at all times with our highly efficient 20kVA 60Hz Diesel Air-Cooled Generator. Expertly designed to meet rigorous energy demands, it guarantees unwavering power output, an extended lifespan, and exceptional efficiency.

Key Features:

  • High-efficiency diesel engine enhanced by an air cartridge filter, cartridge oil filter, and external fuel filter.
  • Reliable synchronous alternator with an automated voltage regulator for a consistent, secure power supply.
  • Superior air-coolant system optimizes cooling, prolongs generator life, and boosts performance.
  • Large fuel tank that supports 8 continuous hours of operation at full load, minimizing refueling downtime.
  • Integrated design brings together key components - engine, alternator, control system, and fuel tank - on a solid, compact skid. This allows for easy maintenance and increased portability.

Included Additional Accessories:

  • Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance manuals offer easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Standard tool kit, spare parts catalog, technical drawings, and other informative guides are included for user convenience.
  • 2000-hour operation backup spare parts included, along with a complete set of sensor/switch replacements.

Our 20kVA 60Hz Diesel Air-Cooled Generator meets international standards and excels in performance, durability, and efficiency, offering you the gift of uninterrupted power and peace of mind.

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